These Romance Books Will Destroy Your Heart In The Best Way

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Prepare to have your heartbroken in the best way possible!

Emotional Romance Novels

People read romance because they want to feel and experience things through the eyes of someone else: first date jitters, slowly falling for someone you previously disliked, that big declaration of love.

While all romance books are filled with emotion, some books are next level! Sometimes, emotional romance books worm their way inside your heart and refuse to let go. These are the stories that stay with you, the epic love stories that will break your heart before rebuilding it.

Everyone has their favorite romance books because different things appeal to different people. However, these are a few of our favorite emotional romance novels. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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1. Jericho by Ann McMan


Ann McMan is an author who knows how to toy with your emotions, and you'll enjoy it every step of the way. In what's perhaps McMan's most well-known novel, she introduces us to Syd Murphey, a recent transplant to the small town Appalachian town of Jericho. Her marriage has just fallen apart and taking a new job in Jericho is the perfect opportunity to heal. She meets local doctor Maddie Stevenson, a woman who has her own wounds. As their friendship grows, Syd realizes she isn't as straight as she always assumed.

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2. Through the Storm by Beverly Jenkins


Beverly Jenkins is known for incredibly emotional tales of romance, and Through the Storm is one of her best! Raimond is a son of the House of Le Veq and must marry if wants his inheritance. The House of Le Veq was "ravaged" by the Civil War, and Raimond plans to use the money to restore his house. After having his heart broken, he allows his mother to pick his new wife, not expecting she would choose the very woman who once broke his heart. Sable Fontaine is a former slave who would have done anything to gain her freedom, even hurting a man who meant everything to her. Picking this up where they left off will be, well, tricky.

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3. New Ink on Life by Jennie Davids


New Ink on Life is the first novel in Jennie Davids' new Thorn & Thistle series and is about Cassie Whiteaker, a woman who is nearly five years cancer-free. She's ready to embrace her life, but not until she reaches that five year check, which means no relationships. For now, she's content to be a tattoo apprentice despite the fact that she's ready. MJ Flores, Cassie's new boss, mentor, and owner of Thorn & Thistle tattoo parlor, was burned and betrayed and now refuses to let anyone in. But somehow Cassie manages to worm her way inside MJ's heart. Cassie is terrified to embrace what she wants, and MJ is scared of getting hurt again, but they may just make exceptions for each other.

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4. Work for It by Talia Hibbert


Talia Hibbert's Work for It involves the love story between a social outcast and an ice king. Need I say more? Well, I will anyway. Griffin Everett likes plants more than he likes most people and keeps to himself at his farm. Keynes is running from a scandal and winds up on Griffin's far hide out for a while. But before they meet, they share a heated moment in an alley, which ends with Keynes crushing Griffin "like dirt beneath his designer shoe." And when Keynes shows up at the farm the next day for work? Well, it goes about as well as you'd expect. As time passes, they begin to see inside each other's hearts and discover they may just fit after all.

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5. Three Part Harmony by Holley Trent


While the first book in Holley Trent's Plot Twist series is fantastic, Three Part Harmony will rip your heart out. Working as a book publicist, Raleigh McKean knows what taking advantage of someone looks like. He's seen it all the time. He ends up working with his boss' daughter, Everley Shannon, who is a pain in his ass. Raleigh wants a real romance, but decides to have a fling with a "captivating stranger," who turns out to be rock star Bruce Engle. He feels used, believing Bruce is using him for a book deal. Meanwhile, Everley's dreams are crumbling around her and she wants something new. Raleigh finds himself torn to both Everley and Bruce, but will the three of them manage to open their minds--and their hearts--to each other?

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6. Again The Magic by Lisa Kleypas


In the prequel to Lisa Kleypas' Wallflowers series, Again the Magic is the story of Lady Aline Marsden, a woman who was always raised knowing she'd have to marry a man within her own class. But then she meets John McKenna and risks everything for him. When their affair is discovered, Aline ends things with McKenna to protect him, pretending it's because of his class. McKenna is now rich and powerful and is determined to get his revenge against her for breaking his heart. But then he discovers what she did for him, they'll finally get their shot at love.

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7. The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker


In K.A. Tucker's The Simple Wild, Calla Fletcher's mother left her father when she was just two, leaving the rural Alaskan town for Toronto. Calla is now twenty-six and has never had a relationship with her dad. But then he reaches out, telling her he won't live much longer. Calla leaves the only home she's ever known for the place of her birth. Once there, she meets a pilot who works for her dad's charter plane company. After Jonah voices his dissent for Calla and her city girl ways, she becomes determined to prove she can rough with the best of them. They begin to fall for each other and, with Calla only visiting, their relationship may just parallel her parents' relationship years ago if they don't do something about it.

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