10 Romance Novels About Divorce That Will Make You Believe in Love Again

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They get a second shot a love.

Romance Novels Featuring Divorce

Who doesn't love a good a good second chance romance novel? By that, I mean either a person was in love before and finds new love or a person rekindles an old romance. Only this time, divorce is involved somewhere, making these divorce romance novels.

Okay, so it really isn't as sad as it sounds. Everyone gets their happily-ever-after. They just have to go through their fair share of heartbreak first to get their, just like in every other romance novel. So why would we collect romance novels featuring divorce somewhere in them? Great question! Some people who have gone through a divorce themselves enjoy reading about finding a happy ending after the demise of their own relationship. Some like the divorce romances in which divorced couples get back together. Others just enjoy it as a trope. There are plenty of reasons to read a good romance book. In fact, do you really need a reason?

1. Tonight and Forever by Brenda Jackson


After a divorce, Lorren Jacobs heads back home to Texas to escape men. Though she vowed to never fall in love again, she meets Justin Madaris, someone she finds herself falling for. After he lost his wife, Justin never thought he could love someone as much as her, but Lorren awakens a desire he never thought he'd feel again. Somehow, Lorren and Justin will have to find away to work through their pain if they hope to have a real chance at love.

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2. Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines by Codi Gary


Valerie Willis has a bit of a reputation for being a bad girl. Now, with a very mess and public divorce, she decides to head back home to Rock Canyon to wait out the scandal. Then she finds herself face-to-face with former love, Justin Silverton and hiding from her heart no longer seems simple. Ten years ago, Justin was sure he and Val fit. When fate throws him a bone and brings her back into his life, Justin decides he's going to fight for them this time.

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3. Necessary Medicine by M.K. York


Neil Carmona uses the fact that there's just no room for romance while going through his hospital residency because it helps keep his crush on recently divorced cardiologist Eli Newcombe at bay. Neil's skills as a surgeon grow just as the friendship between them does and, during Neil's final year, he finally confesses his feelings. However, Eli doesn't intend to pursue a relationship, crushing Neil. But a near-tragedy changes everything. Is Eli really prepared for a life without Neil?

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4. A Marriage Worth Saving by Therese Beharrie


Mila Thomas once had the marriage and family she'd always dreamed of, but then tragedy struck. With her divorce finalized, she knows it's time to finally move on with her life no matter how painful it feels. Leaving Mila was the most difficult thing Jordan ever had to do. Somehow, fate throws them back together and reminds Jordan of why he fell in love with Mila in the first place. Is it too late?

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5. Clean Breaks by Ruby Lang


Surviving cancer has left OB/GYN Sarah Soon unusually confident about the future. Then she runs into the last person she ever wanted to see again: her brother's childhood best friend who betrayed Sarah's trust. A newly divorced social worker, Jake is repeatedly told not to enter a serious relationship so quickly. Tell that to his heart. Sarah has grown up to be vivacious and he can't help but be drawn to her. Will she ever trust him enough to give him a second chance?

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6. Sea Glass Inn by Karis Walsh


After her unexpected divorce, Melinda Andrews movies to the Oregon coast and buys the Sea Glass Inn. Renovating the inn his Mel's way of regaining her independence. She tracks down local artist Pamela Whitford to commission paintings for the inn. Pam runs a gallery in town and, while she supports other artists, her own art has been out of commission since a bad breakup years before. Will a woman who believes she missed her chance at true love and another who is unable to make herself vulnerable find a way to make it work?

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7. Back to You by Lauren Dane


Former model Kelly Hurley is putting her life back together after the collapse of her marriage to rock star Vaughan Hurley. After settling in Portland, Kelly's reached a point where she's ready to move with her life, ready to move on with another man. Vaughan knows he was a young, selfish fool. He tried to bury the memory of Kelly in the rock star lifestyle, but couldn't. Vaughan is finally ready to be the man she needs. He just needs to find a way to prove it to her.

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8. Snowy Mountain Nights by Lindsay Evans


Tattoo artist Reyna Allen needs this ski getaway with her friends to finally relax. The last thing she wants to do is run into her ex-husband's lawyer who helped take everything from her. Garrison Richards has always been a good attorney, but seeing Reyna, he really wants her to know he's a different person from before. Their chemistry is hot and strong, but will it be enough to overcome doubt in their relationship? Especially before Garrison has the chance to show Reyna they're meant to be?

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9. Restless on a Road Trip by Nicolette Dane


Dana Darling's life is filled with uncertainty now that she's officially divorced. In her mid-30s, she's unsure what to do next. She knows the divorce was the right thing to do because she can't ignore the feelings inside herself any longer. When Dana's friend Maggie invites her to take a trip out west, she finally begins to understand the feelings she's had for her friend for a long time. With the open road ahead of her, Dana may finally find the freedom to be herself.

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10. His Perfect Partner by Priscilla Oliveras


After his divorce, Tomás Garcia knows he shouldn't be thinking about his daughter's dance teacher the way he is, but what can he say? He just wants to give Maria a secure home and focus on his career. Besides, he's learned that Yazmine Fernandez will be heading for Broadway as soon as possible. Yaz isn't looking for a "good-looking workaholic." She loves spending time with Maria, but the feelings she develops for Maria's father are concerning. Still, the passion between Tomás and Yaz is hot, but is it worth risking their hearts over?

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