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Cooking Competition Romance Books

When I first thought of writing this article, I was binge-watching old episodes of Chopped on Hulu. Between Worst Cooks in America, Top Chef, MasterChef, The Great British Bake Off, it doesn't matter what it is, I love it! And it fits into my love of romance as well!

When I discovered cooking competitions in romance novels, I dove in headfirst. It turns out, there are more romance books featuring cooking competitions than I thought. It makes since given the fact that romance has always reflected the culture we live in and cooking competitions remain popular.

Here are eight cooking reality show romance novels I recommend if you love the trope. Check them out!

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1. For the Love of Cake by Erin Dutton


Maya Vaughn can thank her rise to stardom to the reality show she once one. Now, she's a hotshot pastry chef and gets asked to return to her roots as a chef on the very show that launched her career. At forty-two, Shannon Hayes is a late bloomer. Soon to become a grandma, Shannon won't let her age, or competing against chefs nearly half her age, stand in the way of achieving her dreams. This show is her best shot at doing that and falling for one of her judges surely won't help that.

Get For the Love of Cake here.

2. Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews


Gina Foxton's public access cooking gets cancelled after their biggest sponsor pulls their funding after Gina's boyfriend is found in bed with his wife. When she finds out the Cooking Channel wants to add a new show to their lineup seems like a second chance. Then she finds out the Cooking Channel is also looking at another show hosted by Tate Moody. Their competition for the slot gets turned into a reality show and the close quarters between the two chefs is the perfect recipes for love.

Get Deep Dish here.

3. Romancing the Chef by Robyn Amos


Veronica Howard is excited when she receives her invitation to compete on a cooking show. The she finds out one of her fellow contestants is Ace Brown, an old friend from culinary school. Ace, known as Sexy Chef, is now the hottest celebrity chef around. Ronnie didn't see him as anything more than a friend back in school, but he thinks he may finally have a chance with her. But it turns out Ronnie has a few ideas of her own.

Get Romancing the Chef here.

4. Falling for Her Rival by Jackie Braun


Finn Westbrook hit rock bottom in his life three years ago, but he's ready for his big comeback. A cooking competition that will win give him the job of running the kitchen in a prestigious New York restaurant. He definitely doesn't count on Lara Dunham. Lara has worked her entire life to run a kitchen and the competition is an incredibly for her. However, one particular fellow contestant is proving to be distracting.

Get Falling for Her Rival here.

5. Taste on my Tongue by Beth Bolden


Landon Patton was so close to making it as a pop star, but then his label dropped him. And his boyfriend broke up with. Landon has a new agent who suggests than Landon try something a little different: compete on the hot TV show, Kitchen Wars. Landon isn't too keen on it, but Quentin Maxwell makes him change his mind. Quen has wanted to be a baker for as long as he remembers and, with the winnings from Kitchen Wars Quen will be closer to opening his own bakery. Things quickly begin to heat up between Landon and Quen and things get even sweeter.

Get Taste on my Tongue here.

6. Hot Chef! by Nicolette Dane


Emily Gold stays busy as the head chef at one of the biggest restaurants in Chicago and now she's ready for her next challenge: competing on the hit show Hot Chef! Her life is perfect but for lack of love life. Raina is another contestant on the show and she and Emily become fast friends. Raina is a sweet person, but she's just as passionate about cooking as Emily. Before long, things start heating up between Emily and Raina too, but what they can't forget is that they're in a competition and both want to win more than anything. Right?

Get Hot Chef! here.

7. Hot Under Pressure by Louisa Edwards


As a cook on a Navy submarine, Henry Beck figured he was prepared for anything a kitchen could throw at him. But that was before Rising Star Chef when his competition turns out to be Skye Gladwell, the woman he married ten years ago and left. Old sparks ignite between Beck and Skye, but what Skye wants most of all, besides one--upping that jerks that left her when she needed her--is a divorce. Beck promises Skye a divorce if she wins, but if he wins, he has something else in mind.

Get Hot Under Pressure here.

8. Soufflés at Sunrise by Anna Martin and M.J. O'Shea


From the beginning Chase and Kai, two contestants on the show Burned, are attracted to each other and eager to spend more time together. Then they see the first episode treatment and discover the episode has been cut to portray them as bitter rivals. They enjoy pretending to be rivals on the camera while becoming lovers when they're alone. At first. Then their rivalry begins feeling a little too real but if they want to make it to the end, they'll have to "find where their real loyalties lie."

Get Soufflés at Sunrise here.

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