It's Still Romance Awareness Month! Check Out These 10 Great Reads

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Finish out the month with an awesome book!

Great Books For Romance Awareness Month

August may be nearing the end, but it isn't over yet! That means we still have a few days of Romance Awareness Month, and entire month dedicated to our favorite genre!

Many of us love reading romance all the time, but there's something special about reading romance books in August and know, at any given time, thousands of other people are reading romance too. Other people are probably even reading the very same book as you! Pretty cool, huh?

The concept of Romance Awareness Month is not only to read the genre you love, but also to celebrate it! We all know there are people out there who still look down on romance because they don't understand it, but this month isn't about them. It's about us!

Enjoy the rest of Romance Awareness Month with one of these great reads!

1. Love at First Like by Hannah Orenstein


In Hannah Orenstein's Love at First Like, Eliza Roth owns a Brooklyn jewelry store with her sister. Eliza learns her ex is engaged and, in a moment of weakness, posts a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a diamond ring. The problem? She has 100,000 followers, the fake engagement causes their sales to skyrocket, and Eliza isn't even in a relationship. If she comes clean, their sales will likely drop. Blake seems like the perfect fake fiancé, but Eliza also has feeling for someone else. Then her sister asks to borrow a lot of money, and Eliza's life continues to spiral out of control.

Get Love at First Like here.

2. Bumper to Bumper by Gretchen Evans


Now that Gabe is in his thirties, hookup culture bums him out. He wants something real. While sitting in traffic, he comes across a guy named Mark. When they meet, Mark is a dream - hot, funny, and easy to talk to. And he still wants Gabe after they have sex too. Gabe knows he's falling for Mark, but then he seems a gorgeous woman driving Mark's car and he isn't sure what to do. He wants to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn't stop his anxiety from messing with his head. Gabe will finally have to learn to ask for what he wants.

Get Bumper to Bumper here.

3. Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean


Sarah MacLean's latest historical romance, Wicked and the Wallflower, Lady Felicity Faircloth finds a stranger in her bedchamber who offers her his help, strings attached. He'll help her find a husband, but he needs her help with exacting a little revenge. Devil is the bastard son of a duke and is now the "king of London's dark streets." Turning spinster Felicity into an irresistible temptress is all part of his plan. However, Felicity decides it's Devil she wants and he'll ultimately have to choose between his revenge and the woman he's grown to love.

Get Wicked and the Wallflower here.

4. Along for the Ride by Mimi Grace


Though she used to be a hot mess, Jolene has vowed to do better and is now helping her sister and brother-in-law move to the other side of the country. At the last minute, thing change (aka her father ditches her for a vacation), and Jolene gets roped into make the trip with Jason Akana, the "human version of a pebble in her shoe." Jason lives on lists and black coffee and wishes he wasn't trapped in a car with the woman he had a heated confrontation with five years ago. Along the way, even as they run into car trouble, their chemistry morphs into a stubborn friendship. A friendship with feelings.

Get Along for the Ride here.

5. Three Part Harmony by Holley Trent


The second book in Holley Trent's Plot Twist series, Three Part Harmony follows Raleigh McKean who desperately wants something real in life. He's seen people take advantage of one another far too many times, and is over it. Especially his boss's daughter Everley Shannon who he, admittedly, kind of has a thing for. Then it turns out the stranger Raleigh goes home with is rock star Bruce Engle, who Raleigh's sure is just using him for a book deal. But it turns out Bruce wants something real too and may have found it in Everley, who is ready to embrace something new too. Will they learn they're all better together?

Get Three Part Harmony here.

6. New Ink on Life by Jennie Davids


After being cancer-free for nearly five years, Cassie Whiteaker decides to throw caution to the wind. She leaves her dependable job and becomes a tattoo apprentice. Thorn & Thistle, MJ Flores's tattoo shop, means the world to her. And it's struggling. When her mentor asks her to her her latest protégé, MJ reluctantly does. But Cassie's background in business may be just the thing to put the shop back on solid ground. Soon, survivors and their families begin to request Cassie to be their artist and MJ starts to see a new side of her.

Get New Ink on Life here.

7. Playing House by Ruby Lang


The first novel in Ruby Lang's new Uptown series, Playing House is about Oliver Huang who does not expect Fay Liu to run up to him and kiss him. It turns out she has a pushy admirer. Fay's cool, so Oliver doesn't mind pretending to be her boyfriend. Besides, he's kind of liked her for a while now. And it means they get to geek out over architecture and tour expensive Upper Manhattan real estate as a faux couple for fun. For the first time since Oliver was laid off and the Fay was divorced, they're having fun. Things between they click.

Get Playing House here.

8. Thirsty by Mia Hopkins


Salvador Rosas grew up in the barrio, a member of the East Side Hollenbeck gang. His father and brothers were in it and it got his brothers put away. Now, he's an ex-con with a new career making craft beer. Folks in Salvador's neighborhood look out for each other, which is how he becomes a tenant of Vanessa Valasco. She's beautiful and Salvador his taken with her. But when East Side Hollenbeck comes knocking, Salvador will have to risk it all if they're going to have a chance.

Get Thirsty here.

9. Endless Stretch of Blue by Riley Hart


While Damon Blackwell and Lorenzo Moretti haven't met, they share an awful connection: they both lost someone they love at the some tragic fire and haven't been the same since. Meeting and discovering their shared history is kismet. No one else has been able to understand their grief. But now, they have someone they can lean on, someone who understands that hurt. Friendship quickly becomes much more, but love won't be enough to survive on and it won't save them from themselves. Will they fight for their happy ending?

Get Endless Stretch of Blue here.

10. Love and Gravity by Rebel Carter


In Grace's opinion, Anton is basically perfect. He's funny, smart, and supportive, but they've never met in person. They email and sometimes talk on the phone. When they do finally meet, it goes nothing like she expects, and the Anton she knows is replaced by some jerk. Once saddled with a bad boy rep, Anton is determined to gain the respect of his peers, especially after valuable research has been stolen. He accepts a new job that just so happens to be the one Grace manages. Somewhere along they way, they start to work out their feelings, drawn together like magnets.

Get Love and Gravity here.

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