7 Totally Badass Roller Derby Romances

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Mix your romance with a little roller derby!

Roller Derby Romance Novels

If you've ever seen roller derby, especially live, then you know exactly what an incredible sport it is. But did you know there are actually a fair amount of roller derby romance novels? It's true! And we're going to tell you all about seven really great romance books and series featuring roller derby.

Between the derby girls who are just plain cool, clever derby names, and a DIY style, what's not to love about roller derby? When you put all that into the hands of a talented romance author, you get a kickass roller derby romance novel.

If you aren't 100 percent familiar with the rules of roller derby, here's a guide from the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. Let us know if we missed your favorite roller derby romance novel or series!

1. Skid Marks series by April Ryder


April Ryder's Skid Mark series is a fun collection of novellas set in New Zealand about a plus size protagonist. Hayley gets dumped by her boyfriend (who she supported through college by the way) and ends up getting tricked into trying out for the Selby Slammer, her local derby team. Despite embarrassing herself in front of her new team mates and the men's inline hockey team, Hayley makes it through. It seems she may have even caught an eye or two along the way.

Find the Skid Mark series here.

2. Roller Derby Romance series by Diana Morland


The four novels in Diana Morland's Roller Derby Romance series each feature an incredible romance between derby girls. Whether it's falling for a member on another team, lusting after the team captain, falling for a cutie at tryouts, or falling for a journalist writing a story on your team, Roller Derby Romance has it all!

Buy the Roller Derby Romance series here.

3. Roller Girl by Vanessa North


Vanessa North's Roller Girl is the third novel in the Lake Lovelace series, but won't be too confusing if decide to read it as a stand-alone (though the first two books are great too). It follows recently divorced trans woman Tina Durham. With her washer on the fritz, she calls to have it check out, and Joanne "Joe Mama" Delario shows up to fix it. Tina and Joe immediately click and Joe invites Tina to try out for the roller derby team she coaches. Derby provides Tina female friendships she's never had before and a whole lot of sexual tension with Joe.

Get Roller Girl here.

4. Slam! by Pamela Ribon


Written by Los Angeles Derby Doll Pamela Ribon, Slam! is the story of Jennifer and Maisie, two girls who quickly become friends when they meet at Fresh Meat Orientation. Then they get drafted onto different teams, and they feel both competition and their personal lives threaten to pull them apart. This comic is so much fun to read, but honestly, it's worth it alone just for the art and the color palette.

Find Slam!: Volume 1 here and Slam!: The Next Jam here.

5. Derby Girl by Shauna Cross


Have you ever watched the movie Whip It? Well, Shauna Cross' Derby Girl is the inspiration for the movie. In the book, Bliss Cavendar sticks out like sore thumb in her small town of Bodeen, Texas. Her mother wants nothing more than for her to enter the Miss Blue Bonnet pageant, but that's definitely not Bliss' style. What is her style? Roller derby.

Purchase Derby Girl here.

6. Kat & Mouse by Jacqueline Heat


Jacqueline Heat's recently-released Kat & Mouse is the first novel in the Crosscannon Roller Derby series. Photographer Katrina Brooks is an awesome derby referee, seldom missing a call. Except whenever penalty-heavy Dorothy "Dot" Mauser is around. Junk artist Dot hasn't figured out Kat has a thing for her. In fact, she thinks Dot is out to get her. Then Dot sees Kat prepare her display for the Crosscannon Pridefest and gets the chance to see the real Kat for the first time. As they work on a collaboration, a mutual attraction begins between them.

Buy Kat & Mouse here.

7. The Derby Girl by Tamara Morgan


In Tamara Morgan's The Derby Girl, Gretchen "Honey Badger" Badgerton refuses to apologize for who she is. With the majority of the women in Pleasant Park thinking Dr. Jared Fine is attractive, Gretchen is surprised when her knew neighbor asks her out. Jared has a golden image, but he seems to be into her tattoos and her take-charge attitude. As Gretchen falls for Jared, she wonders if she'll be able to let someone take care of her for the first time in a long time.

Buy The Derby Girl here.

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