8 Road Trip Romances That Will Go The Extra Mile

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Read about couples fall in love on the road!

Roadtrip Romance Novels

Summer is the time of year for taking family vacations, hitting up your local Pride, going to baseball games, and attending a concert or two! It's also a great time for road trips, which is why we've created a fun list of road trip romance novels.

Most of us have been a road trip at one point or another. Whether it was to head off to college, to visit Grandma in another state, or driving with Mom and Dad to the Grand Canyon while trapped in the backseat with your siblings, a lot of road trips are downright brutal. But if you go with the right people, they can be a lot of fun! Especially if that person is sexy and fictional, like in these road trip romance books!

There's nothing quite like a good book to make a long drive a little more bearable, or even a fun summer romance novel to make a boring summer even better. Check out these eight road trip romances we selected and let us know what you think!

1. Lust in Translation by Jenna Bayley-Burke


In Lust in Translation by Jenna Bayley-Burke, we meet Jaime Cruz and Xavier Moreau, two people riding across the country for the same wedding. Jaime has a long to-do list, including finding a new teaching job, a new place to live, and helping out with her sister's wedding. But Xavier, her ride to the wedding, insists she lets loose and they have a little fun along the way, well, her plans change.

Xavier is a workaholic and his best friend's wedding gives him the chance to take a much-needed vacation. Along the way, he wants to visit all the places his mother loved, but he wasn't expecting a back seat driver. Still, pushing Jaime's buttons turns out to be a lot of fun, especially when she learns to loosen up a little.

Find Lust in Translation here.

2. Vanlife by Nicolette Dane


In Nicolette Dane's Vanlife, Julia Marks realizes her life is slowly killing her and she needs a change. Fast forward a few years and she's traveling the country in an old van she converted into a living space, finally living the life she wants to live.

During a layover in Madison, she meets Robin Hyland, a woman who just lost her job and no longer knows what she wants. While Julia's in town, the two women get to know each other and when Julia hits the road again, Robin goes with her. Together, they'll figure out what they want most from life.

Purchase Vanlife here.

3. More Than Distance by Elizabeth Briggs


In More Than Distance by Elizabeth Briggs, Carla Jackson once had her entire life planned out, but since it all fell apart, she's been lost. So when she gets the opportunity to participate on the reality TV show Road Trip Race, she takes it, hoping to escape for a little while. But she needs a partner and asks her brother's best friend, the man she's secretly loved for ages.

Ryan Evans has avoided Carla since they shared a kiss six years ago, vowing to put it all behind him. When Carla's brother asks Ryan to keep an eye on her while she's on the show, making sure she doesn't get in over her head, how can he refuse?

Their close proximity during the course of the show only emphasizes the sizzling chemistry between. Will it be enough?

Get More than Distance here.

4. Ride with Me by Ruthie Knox


When Lexie Marshall placed an ad trying to find a cycling companion, she got more than she ever bargained for in Ruthie Knox's Ride with Me. She wants to meet a fun, friendly person to travel the TransAmerica Trail, but meets Tom Geiger instead, a loner with a bad attitude.

Tom gets roped into Lexie's cycling adventure by his sister and is perturbed to find Lexie to be and overly chatty person. Too bad he can't stop thinking about her, especially as she straddles her bicycle all day. Even his bad attitude and stubborness isn't enough to prevent a kiss the becomes a night of the hottest sex of Tom's life. But do these complete opposites have a future when they get to the end of the road?

Buy Ride with Me here.

5. Beta Test by Annabeth Albert


In Annabeth Alberts' second book in the #gaymers series, Beta Test, graphic designer Ravi Tandel has recently been asked to head to Seattle to present a secret project at a conference. He's thrilled, or he was until he discovered Tristan Jones, his office nemesis will be tagging along on Ravi's cross-country trip.

Tristan may not know much about video games themselves, but he knows the video game business through and through. He knows their presentation will go well, but they have to survive the drive first. Along the way, they're both shocked to find they're enjoying themselves.

Buy Beta Test here. Book 1 of the series, Status Update, also features a road trip!

6. Journey to Seduction by Candace Shaw


From the Chasing Love series, Candace Shaw's Journey to Seduction is about attorney Bryce Monroe who has a serious crush on Sydney Chase for ages. It doesn't matter if she's wearing her biker gear or in stilettos, she's the only woman he wants. The problem is that Sydney thinks he's a bit of a spoiled brat. Still, when a last-minute road trip to Las Vegas presents itself, Bryce takes the opportunity to prove to Sydney he's much more than he seems.

Sydney works as a criminal profiler, making it her job to figure people out. Along the way to Vegas, she finds Bryce to be much deeper than she every expected of someone with his background. She knows their incredibly hot trip and stay in Vegas will come to an end eventually, but does it have to?

Get Journey to Seduction here.

7. The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale


The first book in Avon Gale's new Tour Dates series, The Love Song of Sawyer Bell is about indie rocker Vix Vincent and fiddle player Sawyer Bell. When Vix hears Sawyer play, she knows Sawyer would be the perfect addition for the band.

Sawyer never imagined herself joining an indie rock band. In her second year at Julliard, she always assumed classical music was her future. But when she gets the opportunity to tour with her high school crush's band for the summer, she seizes it. It's supposed to only be temporary, but Sawyer for once feels like she's found where she belongs.

Lines begin to blur between bandmates and lovers and, at the end of the summer, Sawyer will have to make a decision: return to Julliard and the world she's always known, or follow her heart for the first time in her life.

Purchase The Love Song of Sawyer Bell here..

8. Too Hot to Handle by Tess Bailey


Too Hot to Handle, the first book in the Romancing the Clarksons series by Tessa Bailey, follows Rita Clarkson, a woman whose culinary career has blown up in her face. She decided to take a road trip with her three siblings she hasn't seen in years, which was fine until their car broke down and stranded them in God-Knows-Where, New Mexico.

Sexy Jasper Ellis and his motorcycle show up and rescue them. He's known as something of a bad boy in town and hates it. What he doesn't hate is the connection he feels toward Rita when they meet. Jasper only has a few days to convince Rita he isn't who the town thinks he is, that he's actually a forever guy.

Buy Too Hot to Handle here.

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