Rise Season 1 Episode 2: Where To Watch & Preview


Rise Season 1 Episode 2: Where To Watch & Preview

It's nearly time for Rise season 1 episode 2 to air on TV. So, what did you think when you watched the premiere last week? A little bit Friday Night Lights, a little bit Glee, NBC's newest show similarly features a medley of teens (pun intended) that make up the cast and crew of their school's adaption of Spring Awakening, coincidentally the musical that thrust Glee's (Lea Michele) to fame. Based off of a book that was based on a true story, it will be interesting to what direction they decide to take the show.

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Watch Rise Season 1 Episode 2 On Television

From Fame in the 1980s to modern shows like Nashville and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it has become an American staple to have at least a few musical TV shows on the air at one time. That's why it wouldn't surprise any of us if Rise is the next musical hit. Rise season 1 episode 2 is scheduled to air on NBC on Tuesday, March 20th at 9|8c right after The Voice, giving you back-to-back music shows! How awesome is that?

You can also watch Rise season 1 live through Hulu Live TV! That means that you can watch Rise as it airs on NBC and anytime you want since Hulu Live TV also comes with access to Hulu's entire streaming catalog! Nice, right?


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Watch Rise Season 1 Episode 2 Online

If you'd rather watch Rise season 1 episode 2 online, then you've come to the right place because we have a list of websites for you! NBC's website is a good place to start if you want to watch Rise season 1 episode 2 online, along with Hulu. Each website allows you to watch new episodes of TV shows not long after that air on TV, which is great news for you! Want more options? Try Amazon or iTunes instead! They don't have the price for Rise season 1 episode 2 listed just yet, but there is an option to purchase the entire first season for $24.99 on both sites. They both also currently have the first episode for free, so take advantage of that while you can!

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What To Watch For In Rise Season 1 Episode 2

We're only on Rise season 1 episode 2 and already the production budget for the school play is getting slashed, giving Lou and Tracy the task of figuring out how to make do. Meanwhile, Robbie's football coach, Coach Strickland, decides to "vindictively monopolize" Robbie's time so he can't attend rehearsals, while Lilette discovers she is developing a crush on Robbie. Also during Rise season 1 episode 2, the show starts giving Simon conflicting feelings, while Michael is finally finding friendship and support with the cast and crew. Tensions build at Gwen's house and it causes her to act out during show rehearsals.

These two save the drama for the cameras. 💕👯‍♀️ #Rise

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Cast Of Rise Season 1 Episode 2

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Rise Season 1 Episode 2 Promo Trailer

"This is our chance to show people we will not be defeated!" Lou tells the kids. Even just in the Rise season 1 episode 2 trailer, it looks like there is a lot of obstacles people will come up against. Hospitalizations, heartbreak, questioning sexuality, teenage drinking, and trying to decide if it's better to be true to yourself or safe as a trans person are just a few of the obstacles the characters face. We will have to wait until we actually see Rise season 1 episode 2 to see how everything plays out for our new favorite characters.

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Spoilers For Rise Season 1 Episode 2

Based on these promo photos, it looks like Rise season 1 episode 2 will have a lot going on in just an hour. Gordy appears to get into some sort of trouble and ends up with a cut on his head, Gwyn's troubles at home may be addressed by Lou when he takes her aside to talk, and Simon and Jeremy seem to have a budding flirtation. That will likely be complicated by Simon's own parents and his strict religious upbringing. Also, Lilette and Robbie have a confrontation with Simon watching on. To find out what else happens in Rise season 1 episode 2, we'll just have to wait until it airs on TV!

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Watch Rise every Tuesday night at 9|8c on NBC!