7 Relaxing Phone Games To Help You Chill Out

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De-stress with these fun (and adorable) apps!

Relaxing Phone Games

We all have stress in our lives, but some of us need more help managing stress than others. That's okay because there are a lot of ways out there to help people cope with their stress, such as these 7 relaxing phone games.

Stress can have negative effects on your health, which is why it is so important to find ways to relax. Even if it's just a few moments here and there, like playing a relaxing game on your phone for a few minutes, you need ways to dial back the stress for a more peaceful mindset. It may not seem like an app on your phone can help you meditate and relax, but it's totally possible - give it a try!

1. I Love Hue

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I Love Hue is a game that finds its influences in other relaxing activities such as "adult colouring books, mindfulness apps and abstract art." Based on the principals of harmony, color, serenity, and perception, it is easy to lose yourself playing I Love Hue long enough to relax.

Download for Android and iPhone.

2. Virtual Therapeutic Axolotl Pet

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The concept of Virtual Therapeutic Axolotl Pet is to raise and care for your very own axolotl. How cool is that? This isn't a game you have to spend a lot of time on at one time, but the time you spend playing is fun and relaxing. Like the name of the game implies, it really is therapeutic to care for your virtual axolotl.

Download for Android and iPhone.

3. Radial

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Radial by designer Andrey Leshenko is gorgeous game that allows the user to create digital radial designs using different brushes, brush strokes, colors, and more for truly one-of-a-kind art. The act of creation is both relaxing and therapeutic.

Download for Android.

4. Meditation Game and Enchanted Forest

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Meditation Game and Enchanted Forest are technically two games, but they're by the first and second themes in the Meditation Game series . The games help you relax through an interactive meditative format. The third theme, Flower Meditation, will be out soon.

Download for Android and iPhone.

5. Viridi

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Viridi is a real time gardening sim featuring a pot of your very own succulents. By Ice Games, Viridi takes just a few moments each day to water your plants, pull weeds, rearrange your garden, and just take a moment to relax as you tend to your plants.

Download for Android, iPhone, and Desktop.

6. Moodpresso

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The goal of Moodpresso is to become "more relaxed, more motivated, and more focused in 5 minutes." 93 percent of users had better concentration, more motivation, and less stress after playing Moodpresso than before playing the game. The fun part is that Moodpresso is a series of mini games that helps you relax.

Download for Android.

7. Solitaire Bliss

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The classic game of Solitaire is always a relaxing choice. Unlike other games that demand a high level of attention, Solitaire will help reduce tension in your body and mind. The company Solitaire Bliss has created an online version of Solitaire that can be played on the go.

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