Creep Your Friends Out by Sending Them 14 Quotes From 'It'

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Classic quotes from Stephen King's It!

Quotes From It

Stephen King is the master of all things creepy, crawly, and go bump in the night. Though one of his greatest books, It, has been out more than thirty years now, it's as popular as ever. With It quotes like the ones in this article, it isn't surprising. Of course, the 2017 remake of It and It: Chapter Two coming out later this year may have something to do with the book's popularity as well.

Still, Stephen King created a horror masterpiece that fans don't soon forget once they finish the 1,110+ page tome! The book is so much more than a killer clown, and the It quotes below, while super creepy, help reveal that.

If you haven't read the book yet, it may be a good idea to get your hands on it before September when It: Chapter Two hits theaters. Until then, try to tide yourself over with these quotes!

Creepy Quotes From It

• "We all float down here!"

• "Their buckles made a jolly jingling as George Denbrough ran toward his strange death."

• I started after him...and the clown looked back. I saw Its eyes, and all at once I understood who It was." "Who was it, Don?" Harold Gardner asked softly. "It was Derry," Don Hagarty said. "It was this town."

• "Eddie discovered one of his childhood's great truths. Grownups are the real monsters, he thought."

• "The first real terror struck him then, and there was nothing supernatural about it. It was only a realization of how easy it was to trash your life. That was what was so scary."

Scary It Quotes

• "You pay for what you get, you own what you pay for... and sooner or later whatever you own comes back home to you."

• "Ben Hanscom had no sense of being lonely because he had never been anything but. If the condition had been new, or more localized, he might have understood, but loneliness both encompassed his life and overreached it."

• "I am eternal. I am the Eater of Worlds."

• "Home is the place where when you go there, you have to finally face the thing in the dark."

Terrifying Quotes From It

• "Swear to me swear to me that if it isn't dead you'll all come back."

• "I'd finish it ... what can be done when you're eleven can often never be done again."

• "The kid in you just leaked out, like the air out of a tire. And one day you looked in the mirror and there was a grownup looking back at you."

• "Everything's a lot tougher when it's for real. That's when you choke. When it's for real."

• "Oh Christ, he groaned to himself, if this is the stuff adults have to think about I never want to grow up."

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