These Romance Novels Have the Most Gorgeous Covers!

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Who doesn't love a good romance cover?

Gorgeous Romance Book Covers

We've all been told not to judge a book by its cover. I'm sure we've all read books with covers we didn't particularly care for but still enjoyed the book, right? That doesn't mean we can't admire gorgeous romance novel covers when we see them. I know I certainly do.

Just like all art, cover art of romance novels is subjective. But it is the first thing we see when we encounter a new romance book, so I don't think it's strange to be mindful of it.

For this article, I've found some of my favorite romance novel covers to share with you and why. When I sat down to think of which covers were my favorite, most of them immediately sprang to mind. I will admit that I haven't read all of these novels yet, but the amazing artists who worked on these titles have ensured that they're all in the forefront of my mind!

I hope you enjoy these covers as much as I do. Make sure you let us know your favorite covers too!

1. Darkest London series by Kristen Callihan


There's something about many fantasy romance series that is just so beautiful. Take Kristen Callihan's Darkest London series for example, a truly lovely collection of covers to behold. I can't resist the dress the heroine is wearing on the cover of Winterblaze.

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2. Destiny series by Beverly Jenkins


The cover of all of Beverly Jenkins' books are absolutely stunning, but the covers of the Destiny series are my favorites. And when it came time to choose just one, I couldn't, so I chose them all. All three of the books have sensual covers common to romance books, but they're capture the emotions the couple feels for one another. They're sexy and loving.

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3. Saga #17 by Brian K. Vaughn


While Saga isn't exactly a romance comic, it does have romantic elements and a prominent relationship. However, no one can deny that the cover of issue 17 heavily draws inspiration from romance novels (if you read the comic, you'll know why a sci fi comic had a romance cover). Fiona Staples' art is, as always, beautiful and I want this as a poster!

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4. The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke by Tessa Dare


What I love about the cover of The Duchess Deal: Girl Meets Duke by Tessa Dare is the tenderness. Between the press of their foreheads, the way her hands cup his neck, and his hands rest on her arms, the couple's embrace is gentle. The warm color palette only enhances the feeling of contentment.

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5. My Fake Canadian Wife by M. Hollis


There is something so charming about the cover of M. Hollis' My Fake Canadian Wife with the main character widely grinning at you, a few curls fall across her eyes. The sun setting behind Toronto and the overlay of bokeh are also a nice touch, indicating what a happy, romantic read the novel is.

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6. The Ravenels series by Lisa Kleypas


Upon looking at the books in Lisa Kleypas' Ravenels series, it's easy to see the covers are gorgeous. The heroines are each adorned in exquisite dresses, surrounded by flowers. However, the covers still remain unique and cohesive. You can tell they're part of the same series while picking up subtle clues about each heroine's personality based on color choice, position, facial expression, and more.

Purchase The Ravenels series here.

7. Fresh Romance


Okay, so when it came to Fresh Romance, an anthology romance comic, I really had trouble choosing even just three favorite covers because they're all wonderful. With a rotating cast of fantastic artists, each cover is unique and just as lovely to look at as the last.

Buy Fresh Romance Volume 1 here and Fresh Romance Volume 2 here.

8. Fallen Angels series by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine


The Fallen Angels series by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine is just so pretty. And, who am I kidding, very cool! The way the different colors play off each protagonist is so fun to look at. The font choice and placement doesn't detract from the people like it does on some covers either, and is instead a nice touch.

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9. The Duke of Dark Desires by Miranda Neville


The cover of Miranda Neville's The Duke of Dark Desires is unlike any other historical romance I've ever seen before and for that, I love it! Most historical romances are filled with light, bright, or at least medium colors that catch the eye, but not this one. With its black background, the black clothes of the hero, and that gorgeous black dress of the heroine, it stands out in a sea of pinks and purples.

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10. In Tune by J.N. Welsh


You may have noticed by this point that I really love a certain color palette, but if not, J.N. Walsh's In Tune, is a perfect example! In addition to the beautiful use of color, the woman on the cover looks very at peace with the concert and music around her. Initially, I thought she was the performer, but it turns out she's actually the manager and has a love for music, something that doesn't detract from the cover at all.

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11. Of Sunlight and Stardust by Christina Lee and Riley Hart


What I love about the cover of Christina Lee and Riley Hart's novel, Of Sunlight and Stardust, is not only the fact that it's lovely to look at, but also the fact that it just feels so intimate. Sure, the way the couple is shirtlessly embracing is pretty intimate looking, but the photo editing and hazy lighting around the couple that is reminiscent of dodging a photo in a darkroom, a technique that draws focus to the subject of a photograph.

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12. My Life in Shambles by Karina Halle


The cover of Karina Halle's My Life in Shambles could easily have been a fairly standard contemporary romance cover featuring a straight white couple kissing and embracing, but it's not. Instead, it became something really gorgeous to look at. The choice of all black clothing, along with their dark hair, is a stark contrast against the vibrant background of the sky. The wind blowing through their hair and the title's font are also nice, romantic touches that add to the cover.

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