5 Oracle Decks For Beginners

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Learn the art of reading oracle cards with one of these great decks!

Beginner Oracle Decks

Everyone has heard of tarot cards - they've shown up in many-a-movie featuring traveling carnivals and horror movies in general - but oracle cards haven't hit the mainstream in quite the same way. This list of 5 oracle decks for beginners seeks to change that!

Much of the time, oracle cards are "easier" to read than tarot cards. Because oracle decks vary in length and the cards themselves vary in meaning compared to tarot, many people find them easier to start with when they begin reading cards. The authors have their intended meanings, but oracle cards are much more open to interpretation than tarot because there isn't a commonly established meaning. Of course, many people actually find this more difficult depending on how their brain works, but there are a lot of folks out there regularly using oracle cards to seek guidance the way others read tarot cards.

Put on some soothing music, grab a crystal or two for meditation, and select the oracle deck that best suits you!

1. Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle

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The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson is a deck that truly has it all! Each card in the 40-card deck features simplistic yet beautiful art that helps guide and complete the experience of using this particular of oracle cards. It comes with the Hedgewitch's Field Guide, a nearly 200 page book, that not only gives card spreads and descriptions, but also goes into the history of the plants featured in the deck and even recipes for them!

Because of the guidebook that is chock full of info, this deck is recommended for true beginners and those drawn to nature.

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2. Moonology Oracle Cards

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Yasmin Boland's Moonology Oracle Deck was created for those that already seek guidance from the moon or find themselves drawn to it. The 44-card deck includes a detailed guide book and features gorgeous illustrations by Nyx Rowan. Boland has also released Moonology:Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles and a 2019 Moonology planner.

This deck is recommended for folks that like astrology, astronomy, or are simply drawn to the moon.

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3. Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards

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Angela Hartfield's Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards is another great choice for a first deck of oracle cards. Not only is this deck very intuitive for the reader, but the artwork also helps lend towards interpretation. Not to mention how fantastical, vibrant, and lovely it is!

Check out this deck if your goal is self care, you are low on energy reserves, or feel particularly drawn toward the artwork.

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4. Botanical Inspirations Deck

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Authored by Lynn Araujo, each card of the Botanical Inspirations Deck features a quote and a lovely botanical painting by Pierre-Joseph Redout, a 19th century botanist and painter. The deck comes with a 100-page book that dives into card meanings, a foldout guide to the Secret Language of Flowers, and a small organza bag to keep your cards in.

The Botanical Inspiration Deck is recommended for fans of Pierre-Joseph Redout's art, history buffs, and lit geeks.

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5. The Herbal Healing Deck

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Though it may seem obvious from the title, The Herbal Healing Deck by Sarah Baldwin was created with the intent to help you heal through nature. Baldwin departs wisdom through plant metaphors, allowing one to easily translate them into their own life. The guidebook is nearly 150-pages and gets just in-depth enough to be interesting without bogging down the reader.

If you're in need of healing, wish to get in touch with nature, or want to connect with your roots - both literally and figuratively, this deck may be a good fit.

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