26 One-Word Instagram Captions That Don't Suck

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Incredible one-word Instagram captions!

26 Best One-Word Instagram Captions

Sometimes on Instagram, less is more. That is definitely the case with these one-word Instagram captions that speak volumes despite being just a few letters long!

Not every Instagram post needs a detailed play-by-play or entire life story. Sometimes an Instagram post can leave your friends and family pondering for longer than a long-winded caption. Why not give one of these one-word Instagram captions a try and see how you like it? Who knows, maybe it will even simplify your just a little bit!

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Until then, whether you're traveling or you're just taking a selfie, we've got the cutest and coolest one word captions for Insta!

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Simple One-Word Instagram Captions

• Goals

• Blessed

• Hope

• Family

• Speechless

• Faith

• Bliss

• Fearless

• Wanderlust

Cute One-Word Instagram Captions for Selfies

• Breathe   

• Magic 

• Love 

• Freedom 

• Dreaming 

• Sunshine 

• Progress 

• Serendipity

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Cool Instagram Captions That Are One Word

• Tranquil

• Badass

• Thankful

• Food

• Inspire

• Relaxed  

• Joy

• Peace

• Forever