Office Romances You Won't Be Able To Get Enough Of

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When things heat up in the office...

Office Romance Novels

One romance trope we can't help but love is the office romance!

What's more fun that people falling in love after being in close proximity with one another? And then you have the sexual tension between the couple which gets absolutely delicious when they're forced to keep their hands away from each other while at work!

Between coworkers cavorting in their free time and dalliances between the boss and an employee, there's plenty of opportunity for a steamy book readers will love! The forbidden romance, a typical theme in office romance book, just makes the story all the better!

1. Boss I Love To Hate by Mia Kayla


While all of Sonia's friends call him a BILF, she sees her boss Brad Brisken more as a BILK (boss I'd like to kill). He's a smug, playboy millionaire who just gets on her nerves. But then she finds out her ex will be at her best friends wedding and, well, she needs a date to show her good-for-nothing ex up. But when it's all over, it would be so much easier for Sonia if she really did hate him.

Get Boss I Love To Hate here.

2. The Consequence of Falling by Claire Contreras


There isn't anyone Presley Rose hates more more than Nathaniel Bradley, not even her soon-to-be ex-husband. So when she finds out her father has made Nathaniel his new business partner--and Presley's new boss--she's understandably upset. Especially since he seems to dislike Presley as much as she dislikes him. But the more time they spend together, the more Presley finds herself wondering if she was wrong about him all along.

Get The Consequence of Falling here.

3. All It Takes by Kristen Proby


Quinn Cavanaugh doesn't do commitment. He likes living his life in the fast lane and loves his freedom. At least until Sienna Hendricks, his new colleague, comes into the picture. But Sienna has no plans getting involved with a colleague, even if Quinn happens to be hot beyond belief. Is Quinn up to the challenge of proving he's changed?

Get All It Takes here.

4. At the CEO's Pleasure by Yahrah St. John


Five years ago, Ayden Stewart and his secretary Maya Richardson gave in to their passion and shared a night together. But Ayden was unable to admit his feelings for her and Maya left. When his secretary goes on maternity leave, Ayden asks Maya to come back to work for him and, with her mother's condition, she can't afford to say no. It doesn't take long for their passion to reignite, but has anything changed? Will things between them be any different from last time?

Get At the CEO's Pleasure here.

5. Beta Test by Annabeth Albert


Ravi Tandel is a brilliant graphic designer and has been asked to help present a top secret project at a big conference in Seattle. The only problem is that he'll have to present with Tristan Jones, his office nemesis. While Tristan Jones isn't a gamer like many of the others in their office, he knows the video game industry and is damned good at his job. Their presentation will be incredible just as long as they survive the long drive up to Seattle.

Get Beta Test here.

6. Making Changes by Lila Rose


Makenzie Mayfair was always confident in her curvy body, but her college-sweetheart-turned-husband chipped away at her confidence during their marriage. Now Makenzie is determined to start over, leaving her husband, finding some great new friends, and even a new job. And then there's her boss, Grayson, who seems like a huge (albeit handsome) jerk. However, there may be more to him than Makenzie first thought.

Get Making Changes here.

7. Rock Hard by Nalini Singh


Gabriel Bishop brings the ferocity and ruthlessness he once had on the rugby field into the boardroom, going after what he wants. He wants Charlotte Baird. "Emotionally scarred and painfully shy," Charlotte just wants to do a good job at work and, well, stay invisible. However, seeing her potential, Gabriel has other ideas and sweeps Charlotte off her feet, in both the boardroom and the bedroom.

Get Rock Hard here.

8. Just Three Words by Melissa Brayden


Samantha Ennis is the accountant and bookkeeper for the advertising agency she started with her three best friends. One of those friends is Hunter Blair who ends up moving in with Sam after her roommate moves out. Things get rocky when the two longtime friends are forced to work and live together and subsequently start fall for each other.

Get Just Three Words here.

9. Kiss Me Twice by Geri Guillaume


Bastien's wanted to get out from his uncle's thumb for ages. But when his uncle passes and names Bastien his heir, he steps up and to finally prove himself. Consultant Phaedra Burke-Carter gets called in to help improve workplace and safety conditions and Bastien can't help but be taken with her. Phaedra doesn't mix business with pleasure, but Bastien seems to be the exception. Especially when he comes through for her.

Get Kiss Me Twice here.

10. The Upside to Being Single by Emma Hart


New Orleans native Mellie and her friends head to Mardi Gras to let off a little steam. After her friends egg her on, Mellie flashes a hot guy sitting on a balcony and goes on with her life. Until that same hot guy walks into the hotel she manages and introduces himself as her new boss.

Get The Upside of Being Single here.

11. Takeover by Anna Zabo


Michael Sebastian goes to Curacao to let off a little steam, his suffocating office job keeping him the closet. He meets Sam Anderson and together, they have a fantastic time for the rest of Michael's vacation. When Michael returns to work, he discovers the new CEO of the tech company he works for is none other than Sam. While Michael wants Sam, he knows getting involved with his boss is a bad idea. A very bad idea.

Get Takeover here.

12. Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley


Dating one loser after another, Everly Dalton's friends would consider her a disaster. The assistant to Shepherd Calloway, a man who doesn't want to be anyone's sugar daddy. Especially his ex. Shepherd comes up with a plan to have Everly pose as his girlfriend. She agrees, needing a favor from him as well and, over the months in close proximity, can't help but fall for him.

Get Faking Ms. Right here.

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