Long Distance Love: 7 Romances That Go the Distance

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Distance doesn't dim love for these couples.

Incredible Long Distance Romance Novels

Slow burn relationships are a favorite trope of many romance fans. For many, it makes the payoff of the couple finally getting together all the sweeter! What's more slow burn than a long distance couple that has to fight the odds to be together?

We found seven long distance romance novels that will win your heart over! In each of the books, the couples face a long distance relationship at some point within the novel.

For a few of the couples, they meet online and fall in love before getting the chance to meet in person. In a couple of the books, couples were able to spend a short amount of time together before distance separated them and the relationship had to be continued over distance. No matter how the long distance relationship plays out, they're a lot of fun to read about and incredibly heartwarming! After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

1. Why I Trust You by Colette Davison


Why I Trust You by Colette Davison is about Martin, a man known for being funny, the first to help anyone else while hiding his own pain. Martin longs to meet a great guy, but after a string of bad relationships, he's done with love. At least until he meets Ryan, an artist whose work means a great deal to Martin. The problem is that Ryan lives across the world in California and already has a boyfriend. Developing a game with Martin was simply supposed to be a way for Ryan to earn enough money to escape his abusive boyfriend. However, he soon finds himself falling for him, letting his mind wander about the 'what ifs.' If Martin and Ryan are to every have a chance together, they'll have to learn to open up and trust each other.

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2. Making the First Move by Reese Ryan


Melanie Gordon has been waiting for a promotion for years in Reese Ryan's Making the First Move. The new job is taking her back to her hometown of Cleveland and the family she's "distanced herself from." But it also means she's distancing herself from Raine Mason, the sexy, mysterious man she's had feeling for. Just as Melanie is about to move, Raine finally makes his on move, convincing her to give a long distance relationship with him a chance. When Melanie finds herself ready to give her heart to Raine, she discovers a dark secret, and he will have to prove that love "is worth the risk."

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3. The Midnight Coffee series by Emma Sterner-Radley


In Emma Sterner-Radley's The Midnight Coffee series, suffering from insomnia, Erin Black is a personal trainer living alone in New York. Writer Isabella Martinez lives in Florida with her young son. During a sleepless night for both of them, they connect over social media, engaging in a conversation that will change their lives. They begin to fall for each other "over midnight cups of coffee," able to open up to each other about things they are unable to share with anyone else. But they're left with so many questions. "Are they more than friends? Could they be right for each other? And if they are, how will they handle a relationship a thousand miles apart?"

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4. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory


Alexa Monroe gets stuck in an elevator with Drew Nichols in The Wedding Date and her life is forever changed. Drew's ex is getting married the next day and, without a plus one, he takes advantage of the power outage to ask the beautiful woman in the elevator with him if she'd pretend to be his girlfriend. While it isn't something Alexa would normally do, she decides to make an exception for Drew. They have more fun together at the wedding than they every expected, and then fly home, Drew to Los Angeles and Alexis to Berkeley. Let the long distance shenanigans begins!

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5. Picture Perfect by Marquita Valentine


In Marquita Valentine's Picture Perfect, Campbell met a kind man named Knight. After sharing a few meals together, alone and anxious, she confessed her secrets to him. Knight gives Campbell an address and tells her she can stay there. With no where else to go, Campbell ends up in Castle Beach a few days later, surrounded by Knight's family who believes she is Knight's new wife and that Campbell's infant daughter is Knight's. Six months later when Knight returns from army, Campbell is still there and he doesn't say a word. And the more time passes, the more her feeling for him grow.

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6. Behind the Curtain by Amy Lane


Amy Lane's Behind the Curtain, Dawson Barnes is happy with his life running his community college theater program. Between his father and his best friend, Benji, Dawson has always felt very loved and accepted. He isn't prepared for Jared Emory, a beautiful dancer. Between their mutual love of theater and their growing relationship, Dawson is pleased with everything. Until Jared shows up at his place "sick and desperate," Dawson discovers the distance in their relationship concealed things Jared kept to himself. Now, Dawson must grow up quickly to be their for his love because Dawson is in love.

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7. By Chance, No Choice by Xyla Turner


During a conference, Tess and JD spend one hot night together that stretches into a few more in Xyla Turner's By Chance, No Choice. With their chemistry, JD knows right away that Tess is the one. Tess, however, isn't so sure. Besides, she's Vice President of a tech start-up in New York and he's CEO of a company in Iowa. That isn't the best foundation for a great relationship. Still, they keep trying to "establish a solid foundation for a lasting relationship," but things such as their different life goals, inconsistent communication, and the miles between them will get in the way. Will love be enough?

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