A Nontraditional Holiday Playlist You’re Going To Love!

Nontraditional Holiday Playlist, a closeup of a red Christmas ornament on a tree, Music
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Mix it up with these nontraditional Christmas songs!

Nontraditional Holiday Songs

You've probably been listening to a lot of Christmas and holiday music over the last several weeks, much of it the same songs over and over. It can get exhausting after a while. That's why we created this nontraditional holiday playlist - to help you combat holiday music fatigue while still enjoying the sounds of the season!

Christmas isn't even over yet, which means we still have a lot of holiday music left in our future over the upcoming weeks. You don't want to get burned out any faster than you have to, right? While you're at home or have your headphones in, tune into these 25 awesome nontraditional holiday songs that will help put you in the holiday spirit! From Ariana Grande to Pearl Jam to Run-D.M.C., the playlist has a little bit of everything!

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What are your favorite nontraditional Christmas songs? Did we include yours on the list?

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