We Love July for Many Reasons but 9 New Romance Novels Make It Better

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Incredible new romance novels released this month!

July Romance Releases

July is upon us and that means amazing new romance novels are being released nearly every day! The good news is that there plenty of great new books out this month, a little something for everyone!

These nine new July romance novels are sure to deliver many hours of entertainment, heartache, heartbreak, and joy when the couple gets their happily-every-after! From contemporary romances to historical to diverse romances a-plenty, these July romance novels will guarantee a great read for everyone!

Read about these awesome new books and check out June's new releases too!

1. Raze by Roan Parrish


The lastest book in Roan Parrish's Riven series, Raze follows Huey, a bar owner who has focused on his sobriety for the last ten years, sacrificing his love life. The last thing Huey wants to do is end up hurting someone. Then Felix walks into Huey's bar and his life, and everything changes. All his life, Felix has cooked dinner, worked after school jobs, and checked homework for his four younger siblings. He's in his twenties now, trying to make ends meet, and figure out his next move. He's immediately taken with Huey, a man who seems to have it have it all together. But weirdly, Huey seems to like Felix too. Soon, Huey realizes he will have to change if wants to keep Felix in his life.

Raze will be released July 2, 2019.

2. Crashing the A-List by Summer Heacock


Clara Montgomery, a former book editor, feels stuck in Crashing the A-List by Summer Heacock. She's been sleeping on her brother's couch and unemployed for four months, and eventually becomes desperate enough to take a job cleaning out abandoned storage units. Clara happens upon a unit that belonged to an escort service and inside, she finds evidence that British actor Caspian Tiddleswich once worked for them. She tries to assure Caspian his secret is safe, but he's convinced Clara is blackmailing him. Then the tabloids peg Clara as Caspian's new girlfriend and things get even more interesting from there.

Crashing the A-List will be available July 10, 2019.

3. Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden


In Melissa Brayden's Beautiful Dreamer, Devyn Winters has put her past in Dreamer's Bay behind her. Now, she's a real estate broker in Philadelphia, content with her life. Then she gets an emergency call to return home and begins counting the days until she can return to her life. Elizabeth Draper enjoys her small town life and loves when she can take a break over a good cup of coffee. She remembers Devyn from school, but didn't think much of her back then. Now Elizabeth can't seem to get her off her mind.

Beautiful Dreamer will be released July 16, 2019.

4. The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory


Maddie and Theo, protagonists of Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Party, have very little in common. Alexa is their best friend, and they absolutely loathe each other. Then they accidentally fall into bed with each other and have trouble getting the other off their mind. With Alexa's wedding looming, they'll be spending a lot of time together as part of the bridal party. Their bickering builds until they can't help but sneak away here and there for a quickie, vowing they'll end things once the wedding is over. But they soon find they don't want things to end at all.

The Wedding Party will be released July 16, 2019.

5. Insult to Injury by Gun Brooke


Gail Owen's life is forever changed after a car accident in Gun Brooke's Insult to Injury. A world famous violinist, the accident left her no longer able to play, causing her withdraw to an old Rhode Island farmhouse. Homeless in New York, Romi Shepherd survives by singing for loose change on the subway. A wrongful arrest leads her to hitchhike back home to Rhode Island. Unaware the new owner of her childhood home has permanently moved in, Romi lives in a secret room inside the house. Gail finds Romi living inside the house and is curious about her. Romi feels both guilty for lying to Gail and drawn to the woman, but wonders if the truth will ultimately break both their hearts.

Insult to Injury will be released July 16, 2019.

6. I Have No Earthly Idea by S.K. Radhakrishnan


S.K. Radhakrishnan's I Have No Earthly Idea is the story of Senthil, a physical therapist who makes a difficult decision to secure a future for those he loves. Moving from his home in Madras to the United States, Senthil's goal is twofold: to help support his siblings in India and to save up money to marry his sweetheart back home in Madras. Told in "slice-of-life vignettes spanning two continents" and two decades, Senthil's heart will be torn between his new and old lives.

I Have No Earthly Idea will be released July 19, 2019.

7. The Marriage Clock by Zara Raheem


In Zara Raheem's The Marriage Clock, Leila Abid's Indian are very traditional and believe finding a husband is "as easy as match, meet, marry." Leila would like to get married someday, but she also has high standards for her future husband. Still, at 26, she knows it's time to take dating more seriously. With a three month deadline, Leila goes on blind dates, online dates, and even tries speed dating in her attempts to find the one, trying to find her future spouse before time runs out and she must enter into an arranged marriage she doesn't want.

The Marriage Clock will be released July 23, 2019.

8. Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud


In a prestigious program for the summer, Zoe Emerson is "ready to use what she's learning to change the world" in Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud. Her classmates are all very privileged, so she's surprised when she develops chemistry with Owen Whittelsey. Who happens to be a prince. Um, what? Owen asks Zora to be his date to his older brother's wedding, making things really complicated with Zora's growing feelings for him and the "royal chaos" that ensues.

Truly Madly Royally will be released July 30, 2019.

9. Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean


The second novel in Sarah MacLean's Bareknuckle Bastards series, Brazen and the Beast is the tale of Lady Henrietta Sedley announces on her twenty-ninth birthday that she will be a confirmed spinster and inherit her father's business. First, however, she's going to have a little fun. Then she finds a gorgeous man tied up in her carriage. He turns out to be Whit, a king of Covent Garden, also called Beast. He discovers she's headed for a night of pleasure on his turf and offers Hattie a proposal. It doesn't take long for Hattie and Whit to "find themselves [both] rivals in business and pleasure." Neither will budge, and if they aren't careful, they'll lose it all.

Brazen and the Beast will be released July 30, 2019.

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