April's Incredible New Romance Releases


New Romance Releases For April

Every month, wonderful new romance novels are released, making romance fans (including those of us here at Women.com) very happy campers indeed! So many great writers are publishing that there's always an incredible new book to read.

The month of April is no different. Here are new April romance releases you're bound to love! There's a little something for everyone on this list too. Love couples-to-be secluded as they slowly fall in love? Check! What about a great romance thriller? Check! Historical, strong female characters, funny misunderstandings? Check, check, and check!

We tried to find a variety of books for everyone to enjoy and think we did a pretty solid job. Let us know what which April new release you're most looking forward to!

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1. A Duke in Disguise by Cat Sebastian

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Just a month before he's to be announced as a duke's lost heir, Ash finds himself roped into helping his best friend, Verity Plum, illustrating her naughty book while trying not to fall in love with her. It's a lot for a guy who has always had to fight for everything he has to suddenly take on!

A Duke in Disguise will be released April 9.

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2. Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

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While Kailyn prided herself on being a calm and rational personal, things don't go well when she meets Daxton, the actor she had a crush on as a teen. Weirdly, they become friends and she helps him figured out the whole guardian to his sister thing. It doesn't take long for flirting to become serious chemistry.

Meet Cute will be released April 9.

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3. The House by Eden Darry

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They were a relatively normal family until Sadie is assaulted by a former client, Lance Sherry. After the police fail to catch him, Sadie, her wife Fin, and their two children must run. They think their new house is perfect. At least at first. Strange things start happening, and Lance Sherry is still after them.

The House will be released April 16.

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4. Prince on Paper by Alyssa Cole

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Nya returns home to attend a royal wedding, ending up in bed with Prince Johan, who proposes a fake engagement to keep the paparazzi away from his brother. Nya agrees, but it turns out faking it isn't as easy as you would think it is.

Prince on Paper will be releases April 30.

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5. Arctic Sun by Annabeth Albert

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Living in the Alaskan wilderness is what helps keep Griffin from falling into bad habits, like drinking again. River is different sort of temptation that might get Griffin into trouble, while River has never wanted to stand still. Until he met Griffin.

Arctic Sun will be released on April 30.

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6. Fluffy by Julia Kent

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Mal works as a fluffer - the kind that stages houses for real estate agents - but after becoming unemployed, she finds a Craigslist ad for a fluffer. Only it turns out to be a different job altogether. To make things worse, it turns out the house they're filming in belongs to her high school crush, Will.

Fluffy will be releases April 30.

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7. The Takeover Effect by Nisha Sharma

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Mina is willing to do anything - even agreeing to an arranged marriage with Hemdeep of Bharat, Inc. - if it means she's able to help regain control of her mother's law firm. Helping Bharat might be the in she needs. She doesn't want to marry without love, but her attraction to Hem is distracting in a game of winner-take-all.

The Takeover Effect will be released April 30.

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8. Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

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He texted a selfie to the wrong number and spent the rest of the evening sparring with the woman. At work the next day, she turns out to be the client he must schmooze, and she immediately hates him. He's always up for a challenge.

Junk Mail will be released April 23.

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9. The Austen Playbook by Lucy Parker

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Freddy is cast in The Austen Playbook, an event hosted at critic Griff's family estate. While they're attracted to each other, appearances prove to be deceiving as they get to know each other better through research projects and theater.

The Austen Playbook will be released April 30.

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