10 New Christmas Romance Books to Read This Holiday Season

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There's nothing like a Christmas romance!

Upcoming Christmas Books to Look Forward to This Holiday Season

It's only September, but romance authors are already releasing Christmas novels to give you plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit!

We're those people who can't get into the Christmas spirit until pretty late in the game, but that doesn't mean we're not stocking up on Christmas romance novels when they're released for when we're finally in the mood.

However, not everyone is like us and that's okay. It's awesome if you start reading all the new Christmas romances as they're released because, hey, there's never a wrong time to read romance books.

We hope these 10 new and upcoming Christmas romance novels help get you in the holiday spirit!

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1. Wrapped Up in You by Jill Shalvis


Wrapped Up in You will be released September 24, 2019!

Ivy Snow has always lived on the move, but now, with a successful taco truck and apartment in San Francisco, she's stable and worked hard to cover up her past. Kel is a ranch owner and sheriff from Idaho on vacation and, given how he has been burned, a fling with Ivy seems perfect. Then Ivy's past begins catching up with her, and Kel is afraid it's all been a lie.

2. Christmas in Silver Springs by Brenda Novak


Christmas in Silver Springs will be released October 29, 2019!

As Harper Devlin's rock star husband rises to fame, he ditches both her and their two daughters. Harper decides to take her family to her sister's in Silver Springs for Christmas and unexpectedly meets Tobias Richardson, a man who knows sadness. Tobias spent 13 years in prison, regretting his past the entire time. Now he's ready to make amends and move forward with his life, hopefully with Harper. But will she accept the truth?

3. I'll Be Home for Christmas by Beverly Jenkins


I'll Be Home for Christmas will be released October 14, 2019!

Just three years ago, America's favorite couple was madly in love with each other. Now, celebrity chef Morgan Caldwell and Broadway star Dina Caldwell will finally be together again in Detroit, Morgan's hometown, just in time for Christmas. Will a little mistletoe be enough to rekindle their love?

4. Sleigh Bells in the Sand by Tamara Lynn


Get Sleigh Bells in the Sand here!

After spending several intense months in Croatia filming a movie, actress Daniela Dantangelo is looking forward to Christmas with her family. However, she's unable to relax because of stress from her next project. Kate O'Connell is Daniela's cousin's new girlfriend and a still relatively unknown actress. The two women quickly become friends and soon that line between friends and something more becomes blurred, causing problems for everyone.

5. The Winter Quarters by Anna Veriani


The Winter Quarters will be released October 15, 2019!

Socialite Kai hates that his life is under scrutiny is his family's reality TV show when he'd much rather keep it private. And unscripted. He decides to escape to the rural inn of Hiro Asada, his childhood best friend. Unfortunately, Kai's feelings for his friend return just as Hiro is getting ready to inherit the inn with one caveat: He must marry within a year. Between Hiro's traditional family and Kai's TV contract, they will need to figure things out before the TV show's annual holiday special.

6. How the Dukes Stole Christmas: A Christmas Romance Anthology


How the Dukes Stole Christmas will be released September 24, 2019!

How the Dukes Stole Christmas is a wonderful upcoming anthology by four prominent historical romance authors. Tessa Dare, Sarah MacLean, Sophie Jordan, and Joanna Shupe's stories shine in these four tales of Christmas love.

7. The Christmas Dare by Lori Wilde


The Christmas Dare will be released October 22, 2019!

After Kelsey James was dumped at her Christmas wedding, her best friend convinces her to go on the honeymoon anyway. This will be the Christmas of Yes, where Kelsey will say "yes to fun, to romance, and to adventure," which all leads her to Noah MacGregor. NBA star Noah is a risk-taker and no longer the teenager Kelsey once knew. He knows if he wants to win Kelsey over, he'll have to take his time for once and hope that holiday magic will be on his side.

8. This Christmas Rivalry by Beverly Jenkins


This Christmas Rivalry will be released December 16, 2019!

Drew Davis is the general manager of a semipro football team with one goal in mind: To buy the team. However, Tasha Bloom, the owner's granddaughter, inherits it before he has the chance. Drew isn't too upset because Tasha loves football and he's starting to love her, too. But will both their team and romance "make it to the New Year's Day championship?"

9. Tinsel by Kris Bryant


Get Tinsel here!

Jessica Raymond realizes she isn't in love with her girlfriend anymore. Unfortunately, it's just a few weeks before Christmas when she ends things. A kitten showing up on Jessica's door allows her to meet veterinarian Dr. Taylor Mitchell. Taylor won't let one grumpy, beautiful woman bring her down and, in fact, may be able to show some Christmas spirit.

10. A Dash of Christmas by Samantha Chase


A Dash of Christmas will be released September 24, 2019!

Breaking with tradition, Carter Montgomery decided to go to culinary school and is now a successful restaurateur. But now, he's reached a crossroads about what he should do next. He wants time to think, but "his matchmaking family has other ideas." Eliza Montgomery offers her mentee Emery Monaghan refuge after her fiance gets her wrapped up in scandal. However, that means she's soon rubbing elbows with Carter, her childhood rival and nemesis.

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