29 Natural Hair Instagram Captions to Celebrate Your Locks

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You love your natural hair - let the world know!

The Best Instagram Captions for Natural Hair

There is nothing more beautiful than loving yourself just the way you are, including your glorious natural hair! This roundup of natural hair Instagram captions will hopefully give you a few ideas to show the world just how much you embrace the natural hair you were born with, especially in a world focused on Eurocentric beauty standards.

Whether you wear your hair curly, in an Afro, in Bantu knots, cornrows, or any number of other natural hair styles, you deserve to embrace your incredible natural hair with an Instagram caption.

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Good Instagram Captions for Natural Hair

• My mood depends on how good my curls look.

• Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my hair.

• Being natural is not a statement. It's the closest I can get to being myself.

• We don't go natural, we return. Natural is where we began.

• I am a queen crowned in my curls.

• No one knows your hair is twice as long as it looks.

Clever Natural Hair Instagram Captions

• Girls with natural hair smell like tropical paradises, coconut, and fruit salad.

• Life is too short to have boring hair.

• The only regret I have with going natural is that I didn't do it sooner.

• Never let anyone dull your curls.

• My hair doesn't need fixed. Society's views of beauty do.

• Be you with no apologies.

Funny Instagram Captions for Natural Hair

• I don't need relaxer. My hair ain't stressed out.

• Let it fro, let it fro, let it fro.

• My head, my hair, my choice.

• Big hair, bigger dreams.

• Happy hair, happy life.

• Love is in the hair.

Great Natural Hair Captions for Insta

• I didn't go natural. I decided to cherish what I've been given.

• I love long romantic walks to the hair aisle.

• Never, never, never give up on your hair.

• What's the point of blending in?

• All about that natural life.

• When it says to use a dime-sized amount of product and you start cracking up.

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Cute Instagram Captions for Natural Hair

• I make hair contact before I make eye contact.

• Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.

• I didn't want to go out, but my hair looked too good to stay in.

• It's never too late to love your natural hair.

• I love my natural hair.