17 Mummy Instagram Captions for Your Halloween Memories

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The Mummy via Universal Pictures

Mummy Instagram captions that will liven up the party!

The Best Mummy Costume Instagram Captions

Mummies are a classic Halloween costume and an old favorite. After all, who doesn't love the classic movie monsters Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolf Man? The Mummy ranks right up there, making them perfect for Halloween and Instagram with these mummy Instagram captions.

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Funny Instagram Captions for Mummy Costume Selfies

• Keeping my costume under wraps.

• Unwinding a little for Halloween.

• I want my mummy!

• What kind of music to mummies listen to? Wrap.

• Please don't wake the dead.

• Don't be scared. Mummy's here.

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Great Mummy Costume Instagram Captions

• Letting all my problems unravel today.

• How did the mummy fix the hole in her bandages? A pumpkin patch.

• You know what they say! The morgue, the merrier!

• When a mummy falls in love, they become all wrapped up.

• What did the baby corn ask the mummy corn? Where is popcorn?

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Clever Instagram Captions for Mummy Costumes

• It's bound to be a great Halloween.

• If you got it, haunt it!

• I find myself unraveling.

• I'm only in it for the mummy.

• Welcome to my crawly crept!

• They did the mash, they did the monster mash.