18 Best Minnesota Instagram Captions

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Take a peak at these terrific Minnesota Instagram captions!

Best Minnesota Instagram Captions

The Land of 10,000 Lakes, the North Star State, the Gopher State, and the Agate State. What are they? State names for Minnesota! Best of all, we've created an incredible list of Minnesota Instagram captions to celebrate living in or visiting the great Midwestern state!

As one of the state's names implies, Minnesota has a lot of lakes, including ones of the Great Lakes! Lake Superior borders the eastern part of the state. For as incredible as the all lakes in Minnesota are, it doesn't change how cold the winters (and sometimes the springs, autumns, and sometimes summers too) get between all the snow and negative temperatures. Be sure to check out these Minnesota Instagram captions and enjoy these fun quotes and sayings!

Cute and Funny Minnesota Instagram Captions

• Minnesota: Come for the culture. Stay because your car won't start.

• "Midwestern people stick together. Gee willikers, they work hard. There's no glitz, no glamour." -Gena Lee Nolin

• "It's incredibly important to my spirits and mental health that I come back to Minnesota." -Kylie Bunbury

• "Growing up in a rural setting in Minnesota, I was raised with the outdoors and a sense of adventure." -Ann Bancroft

• Minnesota Forecast. Today: Sun. Tomorrow: Snow. Next Day: Tornado, Probably.

• You Betcha!

Clever Instagram Captions for Minnesota

• Minnesota Strong

• I'm not going outside until the temperature is above my age.

• "If you go to Minnesota in January, you should know that it's gonna be cold. You don't panic when the thermometer falls below zero." -Peter Lynch

• "Minnesotans really think they run the whole world. I love that." -Louie Anderson

• "Place is so important to me. The Midwest is like a ghost in my life. It's present as I look out the window now." -Tim O'Brien

• "The Minnesota spirit of compassion and help for people in need." -Jim Ramstad

Good Minnesota Instagram Captions

• "For being in a place that's landlocked, Minnesotans have a real sense of the wider world." -Jake Sullivan

• "One cannot rule out a blizzard in Minnesota after Labor Day." -Hope Jahren

• Don't mess with Minnesota nice.

• "I'm from Minnesota. I'm optimistic. I mean, that's just who I am." -Thomas Friedman

• "I've done some version of that Minnesota accent - that Midwestern accent - in sketch comedy for years. It's the quickest way to symbolize you're a mom." -Allison Tolman

• Mosquitos are basically Minnesota's State Bird.