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The Midwest is best!

Romance Novels Set in the Midwest

So many romance novels set in the U.S. take place on one coast or the other, but the Midwest is ripe with locations, but small town and big city alike! We found nine Midwestern romance novels that prove just how great the Midwest can be!

Covering 12 states and home to more than 65 million people, there are tons of stories to be told here. As a Midwestern girl myself, I know it's as flawed as anywhere else, but that doesn't stop my love of romance books set here. There are plenty of diverse stories to be found here too, including some great historical romance.

Find a new romance to read and enjoy your trip through the Midwest!

1. Hoosier Daddy by Ann McMan and Salem West


Set in a small southern Indiana town, Jill Fryman works as line supervisor for a truck manufacturing plant. She's constantly making bad choices when it comes to love, but none are worse than falling for El, a labor organizer from the UAW just after their plant gets bought out by a Japanese company. Tensions flare across town between the labor organizers and auto workers, but none stronger than the tension that builds between Jill and El.

Get Hoosier Daddy here.

2. Always in My Heart by Kayla Perrin


As the oldest of three adopted kids, single mother Callie Hart is used to being the protector. She heads back to her Ohio hometown to see her sisters again, but going home means she won't be able to hide from Nigel Williams, the man she once left behind, taking a secret with her. When Callie reenters Nigel's life, he is torn between his anger at her and his feelings for her that remained dormant all these years.

Get Always in My Heart here.

3. Game Play by Lynda Aicher


Minnesota Glaciers defenseman Dylan Rylie knows he's supposed to be more focused on getting a better contract, but he can't forget the one night he and Samantha Yates spent together. Samantha figured one night with Dylan Rylie would be fun. Besides, she was leaving Minnesota shortly. Things don't go according to plan and she gets a job coaching Dylan and their one night together becomes a fling. Then Dylan ends up injured and Samantha is there for him. Will he be able to keep her around after he's healed?

Get Game Play here.

4. In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish


Daniel Mulligan never really fit in anywhere. He was too different from his mechanic father and brothers and was looked down on by his Ivy League classmates. He's gets a job in Holiday, Michigan, teaching at a small college, but as a city kid, he doesn't really fit in here either. Longtime resident of Holiday, Rex Vale, sticks to himself and his job as a custom furniture maker. Their union is explosive but they're both hung up the past. They'll need to break down walls if they want a real chance at love.

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5. Night Song by Beverly Jenkins


Soldiers stop into town and then take off. Kansas schoolteacher Cara Lee Henson has seen it time and again, and Sergeant Chase Jefferson of the Tenth Cavalry will be no different. If she gives in to her passions, her reputation will be ruined and she'd likely lose her job. Chase has never felt like this about any woman before. He wants to show her he'll be there for her, but will he be able to prove he's nothing like other soldiers?

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6. As Long As You Love Me by Ann Aguirre


Sharon, Nebraska is one of those small towns kids dream of leaving from a young age. Lauren Barrett left for three years and now she's back after losing her scholarship and missing her family becomes too much. There's also his best friend's older brother, but she keeps that to herself. Rob Conrad was the hot football star in high school, but now he's the guy women have a dalliance with before settling down. Lauren comes back to town and his old feelings for her return.

Get As Long As You Love Me here.

7. Heated Moments by Phyllis Bourne


Lola Gray gets dumped from her position as the face of Espresso Cosmetics. Furious, she hops in her car and takes off, winding up in a small Ohio town where she ends up getting a speeding ticket. The one perk is that hotter than hell police chief. Dylan Cooper is thrilled to leave behind the big city and return to his quiet hometown. Things get a whole lot less quiet when Lola Gray blows into town.

Get Heated Moments here.

8. Prairie Hearts by JB Marsden


In the 1820s, Carrie Fletcher moves with her brother and his family from Kentucky to Illinois. Her plan is to continue healing people through the medicinal herbs she grows. She loves her life as a spinster and that she's able to care for her nieces and nephews and heal people. Their new home requires more labor than they originally thought and they hire fellow herbalist Emma Reynolds to help out. Carrie and Emma bond over their herbs, and Carrie is there for Emma when her father dies. As their feelings grow, they'll have to rely on each other to make it through the tough times ahead.

Get Prairie Hearts here.

9. The Rancher and the Rock Star by Lizbeth Selvig


Gray Covey may be a beloved rockstar, but his son sees him as nothing more than the father who is never there. Gray wants to prove to his son he's more than that and takes a temporary job as a farmhand. Abby Stadtler loves her farm more than anything, but nothing can prepare her for Gray Covey showing up at her door. Abby knows her little life in Minnesota will never compete with a world tour, but it doesn't stop her for falling for Gray. And Gray will be have to make a choice: his family and love or his career.

Get The Rancher and the Rock Star here.

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