How To Take Care of Your Mental Health When You Work From Home

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It's important to take care of your mental health when you work from home. Here's how!

Mental Health Tips For Working From Home

Working from sounds like a dream come true to a lot of people, and it definitely can be! But it can also have some big negative impacts on your mental health if you aren't careful. Mental illnesses like depression can actually get worse if you don't take care of yourself while working from home. Read how you can take care of your mental health when you work from home and make the most of your new career!

1. Have a home office

Even if you don't have an empty room to transform into your home office, it's still important to create some sort of home office space to do your work, even if it's just a desk pushed against the wall or taking over the kitchen table during work hours. It's easy to get distracted working on the couch or in bed, while working in your office space puts your brain into work-mode. Jane Scudder, a certified personal development and career transition coach, says a work space that you can walk away from at the end of the day is "crucial to your productivity and focus."

2. Establish a work routine

Having a work routine is incredibly important. Make sure to wake up at a regular time each day and get ready. Without a schedule, it them becomes easy to "procrastinate" or "over-schedule yourself," says clinical psychologist, Ryan Hooper. When your work day is over, metaphorically clock out for the day. You deserve a break just like everyone else does. If you think of something you need to work on, write yourself a note for the next day.

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3. Take breaks throughout the day

Just like you would if you worked outside the home, make sure you are taking at least a few breaks throughout your work day. Make sure you're eating enough and drinking enough water. Getting up to stretch and walk around every once in a while is important too to give your body a break. Take care of yourself.

4. Getting out of the house

Social isolation is a huge problem for people that work from home. It's even worse if you live by yourself and might not see a single person all day long. Because you are not experiencing social interaction at work, it's important to get it elsewhere. Consider co-working a few days a week. Join a virtual book club or another activity you're interested in. You can go for a walk, watch the sunset, read a book in your patio... It doesn't matter what you do to get out of the house as long as you do get out of the house. Disconnection from work is an important component to feeling refreshed and motivated.