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Meet Cutes In Romance Novels

Meet cutes imply a "cute" first meeting between a future couple in romance, but that isn't always the case, as evidenced by some of the meet cute books in this article. Sometimes they're awkward and embarrassing, and sometimes they're downright hostile. Sometimes they are really adorable though.

In a romance book, the meet cute is one of the best parts. It gives a hint to how the couple's relationship will play out. Will they be antagonistic to each other until they sexual tension is overwhelming? Or will one of them ask each other out right away before they encounter problems right away?

We decided to go very literal with the meet cute books in this article, all of the books containing the words somewhere in the title or on the cover. It was fun to see all the different stories authors came up with in their books even with the same concept!

1. Meet-Cute by C.C. Dado

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C.C. Dado's novella, Meet-Cute, is the adorably awkward tale of Elliot Beck, an insecure guy. He knows he doesn't have the physique a lot of guys are looking for and he isn't a talented artist or singer, so he hides behind his quick-witted sarcasm while secretly hoping a bad boy will notice him.

After a misadventure with a guy who leaves Elliot naked and tied to his bed, his best friend convinces Elliot that he should try dating a nice guy for once. During an awkward encounter in the men's bathroom with a guy named Chase - who looks like Adonis and happens to be a fitness instructor - Elliot may have finally found the bad boy of his dreams.

2. Meet Cute by various authors

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An anthology of short stories by some of the most popular young adult authors today, Meet Cute is filled with adorable stories of "how they first met." A few of the stories include two girls living in the Bay Area meeting online via a rather cranky customer service Tweet in a tale by Nina LaCour, a missing library book bringing two people together in a story by Jennifer Armentrout, and a young rock star and a magazine intern hitting it off in story by Nicola Yoon. Meet Cute is an adorable, romantic read that isn't to be missed!

3. #MeetCute: Everything He Wants by Lis Hughey

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Everything He Wants is a #meetcute book and book 1 in Lisa Hughey's Billionaire Breakfast Club series. Billionaire D'Andre Smith is a man who is used to getting what he wants. He appears to have the perfect life, but he has a secret that could bring it all tumbling down. His friends get him an interview with journalist Elise Putnam, a woman looking to prove herself and her skills.

The connection between them is immediate, though Elise knows better than to get involved with an interview subject. But they have the opportunity to have something very real if only D'Andre would open his hear and Elise would open up her mind. But they both have secrets to keep, secrets that just may keep them apart.

4. Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

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The Washington Independent Review of Books says fans of Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Date and Helen Hoang's The Kiss Quotient will love Helena Hunting's Meet Cute, and I think they're absolutely right. In the book, the normally calm and collected Kailyn Flowers ends up mortifying mess when she winds up sprawled all over Daxton Hughes, the former actor she had a crush on as a teen. Then she fangirled. And confessed her undying love. Weirdly, he found her charming and they became friends. But then he betrayed her.

Now Dax needs Kailyn's help. Guardian to his thirteen-year-old sister, he's at a loss. Kailyn hasn't forgiven him, but she knows when someone needs help. Besides, it isn't his sister's fault. The time they spend together proves their chemistry is very real, becoming flirty dinner dates. Will Kailyn be able to let herself fall for a guy who will surely break her heart?

5. Meet Cute Romance series by Kait Nolan

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Kait Nolan's Meet Cute Romance series is a sequence of romance novellas in which couples meet under adorable circumstances. For example, in Once Upon a Coffee, Avery accepts a date with someone she meets online, but when she shows up at the coffee shop, she sits down at the wrong table. Smitten with her Dillon doesn't want to tell her she's got the wrong person.

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