How To Give Your Place A Serious Makeover Thanks To Houseplants

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Spruce up your home with plants!

Incorporate Houseplants Into Your Home

Most of us have lived in apartments or homes that aren't decorated as much as we'd like or the way we'd like. Whether it's because you've recently moved, struck out on your own for the first time, or simply don't have the money to decorate. There is way that's both effective and affordable to give your home a makeover: incorporating houseplants.

Sure, some houseplants can be pricey, but those tend to be large plants or certain varieties of plant. Smaller plants cost less. Shop around for plants in your budget. If you want bigger plants, remember that it may take a while, but your plants will grow and someday will be the size of the large ones you see in the store. Using nitrogen fertilizers will help your plants grow faster. Just make sure you do a little research on the plants you buy on how best to care for them.

Keep reading for a few great tips on how to give your place makeover using houseplants!

Fill Your Empty Space With Plants

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The odds are you'll have some empty space in your home that could do with a little greenery. Whether it's adding a potted plant to a table like in the photo above or putting a larger plant on the floor next to the chair in your living room, filling empty space with plants is a great option. Contrasted with all the inanimate objects in the room, plants will draw the eye and fill in the areas that need a little something extra.

Use Hanging Baskets

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Hanging baskets are fantastic. Even if you don't have the space for more plants in your home, you can still add hanging baskets. Bust out your DIY skills and make your own macrame hangers or simply buy pots that have hangers already attached. Above the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and on the front porch are popular spots for hanging baskets.

Try a Plant Stand

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Plant stands are another great space saver because they come in a ton of different sizes and you're likely to find one that works for you and you can put them anywhere. I don't have much free space in my apartment, so keep my plant stand stashed in the kitchen because the kitchen gets the best light. Find the place that works best for you in your home fill that plant stand to the brim with your new gorgeous plants!

Utilize Your Shelves

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One of the most under-utilized places to stash a plant is on a shelf. You don't need the entire shelf for your plants - an end will do. Simply place the plant at the end of the shelf and let it do its magic. Ivy and other vines look fantastic on shelves because they trail downward or you can even direct it along the shelf if it's long enough.

And Your Windowsills

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Most people have at least a few inches of windowsill available to squeeze a few plants in. Just make sure the plants are able to take the light! The nice thing about windowsills is that they tend to be out of the way and you probably aren't using them for much else.

Mix and Match

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Mix and matching what types of plants you have, the styles of pots you use, and the size of pots you use in a single area creates a lot of interest. It gives you the opportunity to be really creative with your plants. Move things around every once in a while if you want to!

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