How to Throw a Fun Lowkey New Year's Party for Homebodies

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Lowkey New Year's parties are just as fun as big bashes!

New Year's Eve Ideas For Homebodies

If you aren't a fan of big, loud New Year's Eve parties, you aren't alone! Some folks simply prefer to attend something a little more intimate, and there isn't anything wrong with that. We've come up with some fun ideas for lowkey New Year's Eve parties you can host that will allow you to spend New Year's Eve the way you way to spend it.

Each of these ideas are fun, lowkey, and can all be done in the sanctity of your own home! Keep reading for some fun party ideas that can be mix and matched to your heart's content.

1. Host a Slumber Party

It's probably been a while since you've been to a slumber party, which makes the idea of having one even more exciting! What's more exciting than staying up late watching Netflix and eating junk food while you catch up with your BFFs? Best of all, you can incorporate any of the other party ideas into a slumber for even more fun!

What you'll need:

• your favorite comfy pajamas

• pillows and blankets

• delicious snacks

• Netflix or a selection of DVDs

2. Host a Game Night

Whether you prefer video games, board games, or tabletop games, having a New Year's Eve game night is a great way to keep your evening lowkey yet fun! Gather a few close friends that'll love staying in for an evening of games. Game on!

What you'll need:

• an assortment of board games

• or multiplayer video games

• or your favorite tabletop game

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3. Have a Movie Night

Do you and your friends have movie franchise that you absolutely love? Why not host a movie night and watch together! Another idea is for everyone to contribute one beloved to movie night and watch them all!

What you'll need:

• your favorite movies

• comfy clothes to kickback in

4. Have a Craft Night

Crafts are a great activity for a group of people to do together. The fun thing about a craft night is that you can either organize crafts that you can all do together or you can all work on your own crafts. For example, if you like to cross stitch and a friend enjoys crocheting, you can each work on your projects while hanging out together!

What you'll need:

• craft supplies

Craft ideas:

DIY Wall Hanging with Yarn

Beaded Wind Chime

Yarn Hearts

5. Make a Dessert Bar

Dessert is delicious, but one of the great things about dessert is that sometimes it can customizable! Dessert bars in which everyone can make their dessert to their satisfaction if both delicious and satisfying. Invite some friends over for ice cream sundaes, cookie decorating, or crepes.

What you'll need:

• your dessert

• a variety dessert toppings

Recipe ideas:

Basic Crepe

Sugar Cookies

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