How to Unsave Messages on Snapchat (2018)

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Read this to find out how to unsave messages on Snapchat!

How to Unsave Messages on Snapchat | 2018

If you've been an avid Snapchat user like the rest of us, there a good chance you have some old date clogging up your app and want to know how to unsave messages on Snapchat.

You're in luck because we've been looking into that ourselves so we can free up our phones a little too (you heard that Beyonce and Jay Z released an album together, right? We need room!).

Sending snaps and messages are Snapchats' bread and butter, and stories didn't come around until 2013, a year or so after the app first came out.

However, the problem is that sometimes you just need to delete stuff, either because it is taking up too much space (you can read how to clear your Snapchat cache here) or because it becomes too painful to see messages from certain people any longer and you just need to delete them.

Read on to find out how to unsave message on Snapchat!

Unsaving Your Snapchat Messages

Once you know how to do it, unsaving your Snapchat messages is actually pretty easy! Like with a lot of things on Snapchat, it is more about knowing where to look. From there, figuring out how to unsave your snapchat messages is pretty simple, but we're still going to tell you how to do it anyway!

• Open Snapcchap. It should open right up to camera mode. Look for your Bitmoji icon in the upper left corner and click on it.

• Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner.

• Scroll down toward the bottom to the section called "Account Actions" and look for the button that says "Clear Conversations." Push it.

• Press the X next to the name of the person/people you wish to unsave a conversation with.

Voila! It is that simple!