How to Fix 5xx Server Error on Instagram (2018)

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Discover how to fix the 5xx server error on Instagram in 2018.

How to Fix 5xx Server Error on Instagram | 2018

Every once in a while, things are going great and then something like a 5xx server error on Instagram pop up on your phone and you don't know what to do! Which is why we've created this guide on how to fix a 5xx server error on Instagram so that you do know what to do the next time you get the message on your phone or computer!

This has probably happened to you before: you were bored so you pull your phone from your and decide to scroll through Instagram to kill time, but Instagram refuses to load.

That circle with the arrow-thing inside just keep coming back no matter how many times you press it to reload. You feel a sense of dread.

Okay, so many that last part was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. That is a part of the 5xx server error as well.

In this article, we will tell you exactly it is and what you'll be able to do about the dreaded 5xx server error on Instagram.

What Does the 5xx Server Error Mean?

The 5xx server error can be caused by a variety of different reasons. According to Likes and Followers Club, there are a variety of reasons the 5xx message might pop up, reasons that usually take a bit longer to solve.

For example, sometimes too many people might be using Instagram at once for a server to handle it. Other reasons could be Instagram updating its features or even restarting the server.

There are other, much more technical reasons involving algorithms and coding that may crop up on occasion as well. It happens. When it does, we'll let the professionals handle it!

What Can You Do About the 5xx Server Error?

The important question is how can you fix the 5xx server error? Sadly, you can't, which probably isn't what you want to hear. And what can you do about it? Honestly? Very little given that it is all on Instagram's end.

If you encounter the message, you always check Down Detector to see if other people are experiencing the problem too.

Also, looking for updates on Instagram's official Twitter and Facebook pages. They might have a timeline of when you can expect the app to be up and running again.

For more information on Instagram, check out their help center.