Here Are 8 Historical Romances to Tide You Over Until Bridgerton Season 2


Dive into these historical romance series while you wait for Briderton!

Read These Historical Romance Series!

Based on Julia Quinn's series of the same name, Bridgerton was released on Christmas Day 2020 and became an instant success. Fans are already clamoring for a second season but, as of yet, one hasn't been announced. In the meantime, there's only one thing to do while we wait and see if there will be a second season: find great new historical romance series to read!

The series we selected for this roundup include many diverse books and authors alike. While the Bridgerton book series is great, it doesn't have much diversity in it. Thankfully, there are other historical romance books that do.

So take a minute and check out these eight great historical romance series. You won't regret it!

1. The Truitts by Felicity Grossman

The Truitts by Felicity Grossman

Felicity Grossman's Truitts series is a little different than your typical historical romance series. How so? Well, the main characters in the series are all Jewish, something basically unheard of in historical romances. There are currently only two books out in the series, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for more!

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2. Surrey SFS by Nicola Davidson

Surrey SFS by Nicola Davidson

If you're looking for something a little racier, try Nicola Davidson's Surrey SFS series - the SFS stands for Sexual Freedom Society and it means exactly what you think it does. There are five books in the series and they include a variety of different pairings for whatever tickles your fancy, including a lesbian couple, straight couples, and even a menage relationship.

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3. Worth Saga by Courtney Milan

Worth Saga by Courtney Milan

Between The Brothers Sinister, the Wedgeford Trials, and the Worth Saga, Courtney Milan is known for her historical romance books. We're recommending the Worth Saga because it's a great historical series chock full of great storytelling and representation. Two novels and two novellas are currently out in the series. Look for the third novel in the series, The Devil Comes Courting, on February 9, 2021.

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4. Lilywhite Boys by KJ Charles

Lilywhite Boys by KJ Charles

KJ Charles is another author known for their historical romance books. The Lilywhite Boys are essentially a thieves guild that feature in both books and the novella. This fascinating take on the criminal underworld contains thieves with hearts of gold. Best of all, the series has representation in the form of a trans man in an asexual relationship and a gay couple.

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5. Destiny by Beverly Jenkins

Destiny by Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins' historical series Destiny follows the Logan, Andrew, and Noah Yates as the live and thrive in the American West and beyond. Each book features a strong and strong-willed heroine to compliment the male love interest. If you enjoy Destiny, be sure to check out Jenkins' other historical romances including the Women Who Dare series and the Old West series!

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6. Bareknuckle Bastards by Sarah MacLean

Bareknuckle Bastards by Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean's Bareknuckle Bastards series is about three brothers who are keeping a secret and the three women who love them. These three books contain characters from the underbelly of London who do what they have to to survive the harsh streets. Be sure to also check out Love by Scoundrels and Love by Numbers!

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7. Gold Sky by Rebel Carter

Gold Sky by Rebel Carter

A town where diversity, and love, reign supreme. That's part of the blurb for Rebel Carter's Gold Sky series. What more reason do you need to read it than that? None, but there are still more we could add to the list. The books are tropey in the best way possible and include ones like mail order bride and friends to lovers.

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8. Feminine Pursuits by Olivia Waite

Feminine Pursuits by Olivia Waite

Olivia Waite's Feminine Pursuits series was a surprise hit when the first boo, The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics, was first released in June 2019. The followup, The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows, was just as well-received. That's why we can't wait for the third book in the series, Hellion's Waltz, to be released on May 11, 2021.

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