11 Amazing Comics That You Absolutely Have To Read By Halloween!

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Halloween is right around the corner!

Horror Comics To Read For Halloween

It won't be long until Halloween is here, and that means it's time for horror movies, books, and comics!

We're going to focus on comics to read for Halloween. These 11 comics are all chock full of horror, mystery, and intrigue, the perfect reads for the upcoming holiday. They all feature incredible art, dark and bloody and ghoulish. What could be better?

Be sure to check out these teen horror novels and a list of a few of our favorite women horror authors!

1. Wytches by Scott Snyder and Jock


Following an incident in which the Rooks' daughter Sailor is rumored to have murdered her bully, the Rooks' move to remote Litchfield, NH to start over. Only they haven't moved far enough because something Ancient is waiting for them, something in the woods. Something hungry.

Get Wytches here.

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack


If you enjoyed the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, then the comics that inspired the story is a must-read! The story follows Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch living with Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda, cousin Ambrose, and Salem the cat in the home of Greendale. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Sabrina must choose to between becoming a full witch or to live as a mortal, all while Madam Satan has plans for revenge against the Spellmans.

Get Chilling Adventures of Sabrina here.

3. Lady Killer by Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich


Everyone thinks Josie Schuller is the perfect housewife and mother, but they don't know who she really is. Josie is an assassin, ruthless, cold and proficient. She balances her life of "cheerful domestic bliss" with her job. Of she did until she can't any longer when the organization she works for decides she's a liability. She'll have the fight of her life to protect her family. While the comic is a blast, the artwork by Joëlle Jones is absolutely incredible.

Get Lady Killer here.

4. Revival by Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, and Mark Englert


In a rural Wisconsin town on what became known as Revival Day, the town's dead rise. They get quarantined by the CDC and detective Dana Cypress is forced to protect her sister Em, one of the revived. Along the way, they try to find Em's murdered, uncovering that it may be linked to the Revival itself.

Get Revival here.

5. Rachel Rising by Terry Moore


Rachel Beck doesn't remember being strangled to death. She wakes up in her grave, finding another body with her. Thinking she may have brought back for revenge, she teams up with her Aunt Johnny and best friend Jet to find her killer. Their investigation becomes a race to save their town. The artwork of Rachel Rising is a little different than most comics, but that only adds to the allure of this amazing tale.

Get Rachel Rising here.

6. Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs and David Lawrence


Based on Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson book series, Mercy appears to be just a mechanic and garage owner to the humans of Tri-Cities, but "the town's darker residents," she's a walker, someone with the ability to change into a coyote. The last of her kind. Mercy's two worlds will collide when a boy is mauled by werewolves, and she'll go to any length to save the boy. And herself.

Get Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson here.

7. Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook


Emmy grew up with the knowledge the woods her house was centered in contained monsters and ghosts. It's on the night before her eighteenth birthday, Emmy discovers not only does she share a connection with the monsters in the woods, but also to the land she lives on. Between the town keeping a dangerous secret and a mystery, Emmy has her full.

Get Harrow County here.

8. Creepshow by Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson


Adapted from Stephen King and George Romero's horror anthology, Creep Show, the graphic novel contains five different stories. With truly creep yet wonderful art by Bernie Wrightson, you get to enjoy tales of creepy crawly cockroaches, a meteor of bizarre proportions, a man rising from the grave, a maneater, and plot of revenge.

Get Creepshow here.

9. Clean Room by Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt


The Honest World Foundation is one-part self-help, one-part religion, created by former horror writer Astrid Mueller, who woke up one day and wanted to change the world. Hardly anyone knows much about the Honest World Foundation of its creator, but reporter Chloe Pierce is going to change that, especially after her boyfriend, a Mueller follower, took his life with Mueller's book in his lap. Chloe is determined to get to the bottom of it all, even if she has to "storm the top-secret sanctuary known as the Clean Room" to do so.

Get Clean Room here.

10. The October Faction by Steve Niles and Damien Worm


Frederick Allan was once a monster hunter, but he's since retired to have a family and now teaches at the local university. But between his kids wanting to join the "family business" and Frederick's past coming to call, it seems his monster hunting aren't behind him after all.

Get The October Faction here.

11. Stranger Things: SIX by Jody Houser, Edgar Salazar, and Keith Champagne


While Stranger Things: SIX won't be released until November 26, 2019, it's still worthy of a place on the list. This prequel to the Netflix show follows teenager Francine, a girl with precognition who has lived through the exploitation of both her parents and Dr. Brenner at the Hawkins Laboratory. Francine's visions become more and more disturbing and, when she finally sees a chance of escape for her and the other captive children, she'll find it comes with a cost.

Get Stranger Things: SIX here.

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