Green With Envy? 10 Instagram Captions for People With Green Eyes

Instagram Captions For Green Eyes, closeup of a white woman with green eyes and dark hair, beauty
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Hey there, green-eyed girl!

The Best Instagram Captions For People With Green Eyes

With less than two percent of the world having green eyes, it is the rarest eye color! That means if you have green eyes, you're pretty unique. It also means that these 10 Instagram captions for people with green eyes are perfect for you. Look them over and see which ones are the best choices for all your upcoming green-eyed selfies on Instagram.

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Cute Instagram Captions For People With Green Eyes

• My parents warned me about the drugs in the street, but never about the ones with green eyes and a heartbeat.

• It's not easy being green.

• "My eyes are green cause I eat a lot of vegetables." -Erykah Badu

• "His eyes were so green they could turn carbon dioxide into oxygen." -Rainbow Rowell

• Think green.

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Adorable Instagram Captions For People With Green Eyes

• "The green eyes in the carefully sweet face were turbulent, willful, lusty with life, distinctly at variance with her decorous demeanor. Her manners had been imposed upon her. her eyes were her own." -Margaret Mitchell

• Green-eyed goddess.

• "Green eyes, you're the one I that wanted to find." -Coldplay

• "Up here my eyes are green leaves, unseeing." -Virginia Woolf

• Green goes with everything.

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