27 Best GLOW Captions for Instagram

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Read through the best GLOW captions for Instagram!

27 Best GLOW Captions for Instagram


Did you watch the series premiere of GLOW last summer? If not, there's just enough time to marathon it before season 2 premieres June 29th on Netflix! To celebrate the premiere, we've gathered a list of 27 of the best GLOW captions for Instagram, from quotes to sayings. We've got you covered.

GLOW is a fictionalized account based on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling league, or GLOW, a women's wrestling league that began in 1986. Executive producers Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch were inspired to create the show after coming across the 2012 documentary GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Neither had heard of the league before but were interested in exploring it further, especially given what the time period meant for women's lives.

To ready yourself for season 2 of GLOW, read through the best GLOW Instagram captions that we rounded up and enjoy!


• "I eat stars and stripes." -Zoya the Destroyer "That's because you don't have any food." -Liberty Belle

• "I can't leave Randy with my mom all day. She'll feed him Funyuns and Fresca and government conspiracies." -Debbie

• "15 minutes, Confucius. And only because it's rush hour." -Debbie

• "I'm a sucker for non-threatening, unavailable men who compliment me." -Ruth

• "If you need fur, I know a guy. We could also hunt it. There's a feral cat colony in that empty lot down the street." -Sheila the She-Wolf

• "Here's what I've learned: I really like candelabra sconces." -Ruth

• "Ruth... That is not a great name." -Sam


• "I mean... You're like Grace Kelly on steroids." -Sam

• "It's like a fucking trust fall, only I stare at your face and remember all the reasons I don't trust you." -Debbie

• "I am the Cezanne of bulls--t artists." -Melrose

• "You're gonna look like that asshole in AC/DC." -Sam

• "GLOW, GLOW, that's the name. Women's wrestling is our game. If we play rough, please don't blame us. Our style is wild, and you know you can't tame us. I'm Britannica from the UK, that's probably why I talk this way. I wear these glasses on my eyes, one day I'll win the Nobel Prize." - -Rhonda

• "Come on, why can't you embrace the, like, do-it-yourself charm, huh? The Mickey and Judy putting on a show in the barn kind of feeling?" -Bash

• As my Aunt Jeanette used to say: 'This nursing home is a waiting room of hell.'" -Sam

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• "Hi, I'm Melanie Rose. Call me Melrose. And my special skill is that I'm not f****** boring. Like, I can wake up in the morning with absolutely nothing to do, and just be in a Van Halen video by the end of the day."

• "Oh, my goodness! She is literally shoving her socialist welfare policy down Machu's throat!" -Bash

• "Movies got a lot more white after 1979." -Cherry

• "Try not giving a f***! There's a lot of power in that!" -Sam

• "Things don't just happen. People make choices. They want things, and then they go for them." -Debbie

• "If you want to do something more than nod and eat a salad or make a pretty cry face, then you're punished." -Debbie

• "I mean, babies are boring. They don't party, they haven't traveled, they have no sense of irony." -Sam


• "In this industry, it's every man for himself, and it's almost always a man telling you your ass is too fat at the same time he's trying to grope it. And having a woman in charge instead of that Sackballs guy? This is as good as it gets." -Ruth

• "Oh, I trust him. Who doesn't trust a man with a mustache full of coke?" -Melrose

• "Are you done? 'Cause some of us like to work." -Cherry

• "Relax. The devil gets all the best lines." -Sam

• "Does anyone else feel the need to pee and puke at the same time?" -Dawn

• "Capitalist pig! I will neuter all your pet dogs and fill your swimming pools with borscht!" -Zoya the Destroyer