5 Astounding Benefits of Ginger You Never Knew About

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Find out some of the great things ginger can do for your health!

The Great Benefits of Ginger

People have been using ginger for more than 5000 years as a spice, food, and a medicine. As we learn more about ginger and the ways it can benefit us, its use is only becoming more widespread as a holistic medicine. In this article, we cover 5 incredible benefits of ginger, though there are actually dozens that all deserve to be celebrated. Read more about just a few of these incredible benefits that can really help a lot of people and let us know what you think!

1. Ginger Helps With Nausea

Research has found ginger to be great for antidote for nausea related to pregnancy and chemotherapy. It's also been used for motion sickness and to help with nausea and vomiting after surgery. Christy Brissette, R.D., says that drinking ginger tea after eating too much helps your stomach empty itself of food more quickly so you won't feel uncomfortable quite as long. Bloating and gas is another think ginger can help with.

If you're feeling nauseous, putting fresh ginger in your food or tea is a great way to utilize some its benefits. Drinking ginger ale is another, but make sure that the ginger ale you choose has real ginger in it or ginger extract and not simple ginger flavoring. That won't help your nausea at all. Also be sure to talk to your doctor before ingesting any larger quantities of ginger.

2. It Can Aid With Menstrual Pain

Believe it or not, ginger has long been effective in treating primary dysmenorrhea, which basically refers to "regular" menstrual cramps. A study from 2009 found that taking 1 grams of ginger a day for the first three days of a period was just as effective as using ibuprofen and mefenamic acid for pain relief. There is some evidence to suggest that taking ginger may even help with heavy menstrual bleeding as well.

3. Ginger Can Also Help With Sore Muscles

Another great use for ginger is for sore, aching muscles. A study by the University of Georgia found that taking 2 grams of ginger a day for at least 11 days reduced "exercise-induced muscle pain by 25 percent." Another study found that, while ginger didn't help with muscle pain immediately, it seemed to be beneficial after a day or two.

4. It's Great When You Have A Cold

There's a reason ginger pops up in a lot of cough drops and cold medicines: because it can actually help you when you're sick! Ginger is something called a diaphoretic, meaning that it helps promote sweating in the body and keeps you warm from within. Ginger contains a chemical compound called gingerol that has "antimicrobial and antifungal properties to help fight infections and boost your immunity," perfect when you're trying to fend off a cold!

Make yourself a homemade ginger tea by steeping the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of grated ginger!

5. Best of All, You'll Look Fantastic!

That's a joke - obviously your health is what's most important! There's nothing wrong with wanting your skin to look its best though. The same gingerols that help you fight a cold can help your skin fight inflammation and irritation. A study performed on rats found that a combination of ginger and curcumin can actually help their skin heal faster. The studys says, "it might provide a novel approach to improving structure and function in skin."

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