23 Georgia Instagram Captions as Sweet as Peaches

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Have a blast in the beautiful south with these Georgia Instagram captions!

The Best Georgia Instagram Captions

When people think of the South, Georgia is one of the first states they think of. For good reason because Georgia includes gorgeous coastlines to beautiful mountain terrain. And these Georgia Instagram captions are a wonderful way to celebrate to celebrate the state!

Unsurprisingly, Georgia is known as the Peach State due to the large crop the state produces. And a few of our Georgia Instagram captions actually feature peaches. Why don't you take a look at them!

Whether you're looking for funny or punny Georgia captions for the 'Gram, we have the perfect thing to get your social media to where it needs to be!

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Cute Instagram Captions for Georgia

• "Georgia is in an enviable position today, but we cant rest on our laurels." -Roy Barnes

• "Georgia booze is mighty fine booze, the best yuh ever poured yuh. But it eats the soles right offen yore shoes." -Stephen Vincent Benet

• Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.

• "Georgia has some really tough allergies." -Brooke Elliott

• "We came from Bethlehem, Georgia bearing Betty Crocker cake mixes into the jungle." -Barbara Kingsolver

• "People come here from all over the country and fall in love with Savannah." -John Berendt

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Clever Georgia Instagram Captions

• "Maybe it would be different if we lived in New York, but I don't know how to be gay in Georgia." -Becky Albertalli

• "Be cocky. Walk into the Georgia Dome like you own it." -Mary Lou Retton

• Georgia on my mind.

• "Coming from a small town it was tough to dream big. When I grew up in a small town in Georgia, my biggest dream was one day to be able to go to Atlanta." -Herschel Walker

• "Baseball is a tongue-tied kid from Georgia growing up to be an announcer and praising the Lord for showing him the way to Cooperstown. This is a game for America." -Ernie Harwell

• "I'm from Georgia, and everybody gathers around food in the South." -Zac Brown

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Great Instagram Captions for Georgia

• "I'm from Georgia, and everybody gathers around food in the South." -Zac Brown

• "Growing up in Georgia in the southeastern United States, I was always reading and always kept to myself. I never felt isolated, though; I just liked being alone." -Karin Slaughter

• "Let's be honest. Georgia, if you get the best players in this state, you should be winning championships." -Kirby Smart

• "I cut 'Diamond in My Crown' in my home in Georgia, because I wanted to use an old 1848 pump organ that my mother-in-law had gotten for Emory for Christmas one year. His mother would be proud to know that pump organ was made use of." -Patty Loveless

• "In my opinion - in Georgia, there's a town called Lula. And Lula, Georgia, has the best peaches." -Zac Brown

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Clever Instagram Captions for Georgia

• "I came from the Sticks, literally. I grew up in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, just outside Athens, Georgia." -Tituss Burgess

• "In Georgia, rednecks are just wolves in wolf clothing. In Detroit, you don't know who's a redneck until you go home and meet their parents." -Joseph Bruce

• "Every time I'm in Georgia, I eat a peach for peace." -Duane Allman

• North is a direction. The South is a lifestyle.

• Good old days don't wash away, just like that Georgia clay.

• "The outlook in Georgia has never been brighter." -Roy Barnes