Geeky Romance Novels You Will Fall In Love With

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Your inner geek will love these romances!

Geeky Romance Novels

Between new superhero movies coming out several times a year, more and more conventions popping up all over the place, and more access to fandom thanks to the internet, geekdom is everywhere! That also includes within the pages of romance novels. Here are seven geeky romance novels we've found that you're sure to adore!

For romance novel fans who also love geeky things, this list has a little bit of everything you love! In one book, two strangers bond over video games during a road trip. Cons and cosplay play a role in two books, while a Pokemon Go-inspired game leads another couple to love in another book.

Although it's becoming less common, geeky characters were once very one dimensional, simply there to be the class nerd for other people to measure themselves by. The geeky characters in these books are all fully fleshed out with hopes, fears, wants, and dreams. They're a joy to read. Click through the slideshow to read about seven amazing geeky romance novels that will open your heart to an entirely new world of romance and geekdom!

1. What Happens at a Con by Cathy Yardley

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After dealing with a ton of sexist bull and the start of grad school approaching, Ani is feeling burned out. While at a convention, she wants one hot night of nameless cosplay sex, knowing it will help her flow off some steam. The masks weren't supposed to come off though...

Abraham is normally only interested in short-term flings, but after his night with Ani, he wants more. A lot more. It shocks him when she's the one who pulls away from him, telling him she just has too much going on for a relationship at the moment.

Whill Abraham be able to convince Ani she doesn't always have to go it alone? And will Abraham figure out that if he's going to stay in Ani's life, he needs to drop the tough guy routine? She needs someone to support her, not defend her.

2. A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert

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There are few things Ruth Kabbah holds dear in life: comic books, her alone time, and keeping other people at arm's length. She's not a people person, and in her small town, the people don't like her either. Except no one seemed to tell her neighbor that.

Evan Miller, tattooed, muscley, and ex-military, is charming and yet could be described as a giant teddy bear. He likes bringing people out of their shells. Ruth - sarcastic and, deep down, sad - is his opposite in just about every way, and he wants her more than anything else.

It doesn't take long before Evan begins getting through to her. Then small-town gossip allows her past come back to haunt her. Will she be able to trust Evan with her secrets. And her heart?

3. Cosplayed by Mia Archer

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Tired of watching life happen to everyone around her, Hailey feels stuck. She decides she's going to use her costume making skills to whip up an incredible cosplay and attend a local convention. That has to help get her out of her rut, right?

There she meets Zoey, a fellow cosplayer who desperately needs a change after being stuck in a dead end relationship. They never expected each other, but it turns out that meeting each other is exactly what they needed.

4. Long Macchiatos and Monsters by Alison Evans

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While hanging out in a coffee shop and trying to decide when they can get away with skipping class again, Jalen meets the extremely good-looking P. They bond over B sci-fi movies, and P before Jalen knows it, P invites them out to see the double feature of Robot Monster and Cat Women of the Moon.

The more time they spend together, however, they more Jalen is wondering if both on the same page as far as relationships and friendships go.

5. Even Odds by Elia Winters

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Isabel Suarez is a design manager a PI Games and has had to struggle a lot as a woman and woman of color in the male-dominated gaming industry just to get where she is. She's used to remaining professional at all times.

So when her team goes to a gaming convention across the country, she figures she can afford to let loose for a little while. Her little fling with artist and animator Caleb Portland blows up in her face when she discovers Caleb's her new partner at work. They both want to remains strictly professional with each other, but that proves easier said than done with feelings bubbling just below the surface.

6. Gotta Catch Her by Kelly Haworth

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Whenever Ann needs a break from her hectic job as project manager, she walks her dog, Franny, or plays Ani-min Move, a phone game reminiscent of Pokemon Go. While at a park to test out the new raid of the game, Ann meets Rachael, a single mom who happily agrees to show Ann the ropes.

As Ann and Rachael become friends, Ann knows she likes the other woman but isn't sure if Rachael is even interested in women until she tells Ann she's bi. But if they did get together, what does Ann know about parenting a six-year-old? Still, Rachael's special and Ann knows she'll have to learn and grow if she wants to keep playing.

Gotta Catch Her comes out April 29, 2019.

7. Status Update by Annabeth Albert

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A successful video game designer, Adrian Gottlieb's perfectly happy with his life. While heading to his sister's wedding in Denver, Adrian gets stranded in a snowy Utah campground. Ugh.

There, Adrian meets Noah Walters, a geoarchaeologist, who allows Adrian to bunk with him for the night before reluctantly offering to give him a ride. Things between them are awkward until they discover their mutual love for video games, and soon their chemistry is off the charts.

As the trip goes on, Noah will be faced with a difficult decision to make. As for Adrian, he'll have to decide if he's ready to enter the boss battle and fight for their love.

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