17 Hilarious Frat Boy Instagram Captions

Frat boy Instagram captions, several frat boys slide down a Slip 'n Slide while others stand around in the background, school
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These frat boy Instagram captions are too comical!

The Best Frat Boy Instagram Captions

Whether you're in a sorority and hang out with frat boys regularly or have already graduated college, it's always fun to poke a little fun at the frat boys. These frat boy Instagram captions are absolutely perfect for doing just that! Have a blast tagging all the drunken dork frat boys in your life on Instagram!

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Good Instagram Captions for Frat Boys

• The official uniform of "you can't arrest me, my dad is a lawyer."

• Guys that say all girls dress the same have clearly never seen frat boys.

• Pisshead - someone who gets very drunk very often

• Is it still a walk of shame if you look good?

• TFM = Total Frat Move

• Pink shirt with a popped collar. Because jerks are easier to spot when they're in uniform.

Funny Frat Boy Instagram Captions

• Why I'd be delighted to put my needs last again!

• Oh, you're in a frat? Yes, please tell me how you got wasted this weekend.

• Ready, set, bro!

• Frat boy, frat boys everywhere.

• "Oh, it's guys, I'm in a frat now!"

Clever Frat Boy Captions for Instagram

• College: enjoy it while it lasts.

• "Bro, stop acting like a pledge!"

• The Frat Boy Starter Pack: Polo shirts, Bud Light, mid-calf socks name brand socks, and the frat boy haircut.

• "I wouldn't hire any of my fraternity brothers." -Jason Anderson

• If you have the word swag in your Facebook name, don't add me.

• A "country boy" is just a frat boy with a fish.