10 Food Coma Instagram Captions for When You're Stuck on the Couch

Food Coma Instagram Captions, photo of a Thanksgiving dinner, food & drinks
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Instagram captions for your post-Thanksgiving nap!

The Best Food Coma Instagram Captions

Happy Thanksgiving! Now you may let your food coma commence! One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is all the great food we get to eat with our loved ones, making these food coma Instagram captions all the more perfect for you holiday! Celebrating good food (and your food coma) with friends and family is a wonderful way to show you care. Share your memories on Instagram to enjoy for years to come!

Good Instagram Captions For Your Food Coma

• Food limit reached. Start sleep cycle.

• Happy food coma day.

• I'm on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.

• Gobble till you wobble.

• When you're more stuffed than the turkey.

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Great Food Coma Instagram Captions

• Hello, food coma. We meet again.

• Eat good, feel good.

• I'm in a post-Thanksgiving food coma. Do not disturb.

• In a constant state of food coma from Thanksgiving through New Years.

• Food coma survivor.