We Can't Get Enough Of These 10 Fluffy Romance Novels

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Everyone could use a good dose of fluff in their lives!

Fluffy Romances You'll Love

Fluff and angst live at opposite ends of the romance spectrum. Both have their place in readers' hearts for good reason. They're both emotional and can fulfill whatever mood you may be in.

Today, we're going to focus on fluffy romance novels, the kind of books that make your heart clench with happiness as you make your way through the pages of the book. Thought there are tons of fluffy romances out there to enjoy, we found 10 excellent ones you love to dive into.

Check out the short synopsis for each book. Hopefully, you'll find a great new read. Be sure to let us know on Twitter what your favorite fluffy reads are!

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1. Crashing into Her by Mia Sosa


The third book in her Love on Cue series, Mia Sosa's Crashing into Her follows Eva Montgomery, a woman who has sworn off relationships. One-night-stands aren't the same as relationships, so she sleeps hottie Anthony Castillo the night of her best friend's wedding. Anthony is a no-strings kind of guy, but he can't get Eva off his mind. It turns out, he won't have to when she turns up in LA, seeking training from him for a new career as in stunt work. He isn't too keen about her taking classes at his stunt school. It may have something to do with those pesky feelings he's developed for her.

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2. Fluffy by Julia Kent


How could we not include a book literally titled Fluffy? In need of a job, Mallory answers an ad seeking a fluffer, thinking it was the real estate variety. Turns out they were looking for a porn fluffer but, desperate for money, she takes the job. She doesn't exactly hate her new job, but it gets dicey when it turns out they're illegally using the house to film and the owner, her old high school crush Will Lotham, returns. He ends up rescuing her from arrest when the cops show, and things take off between them from there.

Get Fluffy here.

3. Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron


In a financial bind after she loses her job, Lo Bowman wishes to tap into the money her Granny left her. However, Granny was a little old-fashioned and required Lo to be married before she can inherit. Too bad Lo doesn't exactly have any romantic prospects at the moment. Enter Cara Simms, Lo's childhood best friend. They've recently reconnected and Cara admits to Lo she wants to go to grad school and needs money to do so. So Lo comes up with the brilliant idea for them to get married, inherit, and them have it annulled. Things don't exactly go according to plan when Lo realizes she's in love with Cara.

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4. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon


When Dimple Met Rishi is an adorable YA novel about recent high school grad, Dimple Shah. She wants a break from her family, especially her mother's obsession with Dimple finding a great Indian husband. But Dimple isn't looking to get married right now and wants to focus on her career, entering into a summer program to train aspiring web designers. Hopeless romantic Rishi Patel's parents inform him his future wife will be in the same summer program as him and it's his job to win her over. Rishi's a little more old-fashioned than Dimple and thinks arranged marriages can create a stable life. Opposites clash and then attract between the pair in the most delightful way.

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5. From Scratch by Katrina Jackson


The first in Katrina Jackson's Sea Port series, From Scratch is about the poly relationship between Mary Woods and best friends Miguel Santos and Billy Knox. Mary once worked in academics, but she's left that world behind her to pursue her dream of opening a bakery. Just before Confections by Mary is slated to open, she meets fire chief Bill and cop Miguel. The chemistry she feels for them both is off the charts and, it turns out, there's plenty that's been simmering between the two men too.

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6. Baking With A Rockstar by Jasmin Miller


The cover of Baking With A Rockstar alone promises a sweet, fluffy book! Hudson Mitchell is looking for a break from his fast-paced, rockstar life and living in the public eyes. So he heads to Brooksville, California, the place he considers home. It's also where single mom Charlie lives, wanting to create better life for her small family. Her job at a bakery is the kind of thing the will help her recover from her past. Along the way, Charlie becomes an important part of Hudson's life and, surprisingly, his career too.

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7. Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren


Most men shy away from Hazel Camille Bradford, but she doesn't let that stop her or her little army of pets. Honestly, it's their loss. Josh Im first met Hazel back in college when she threw up on his shoes. He too thought she was a little out there but, after his girlfriend cheats on him, Josh finds Hazels to be exactly what he needs in his life. As they become friends, the two set each other up on dates that wind up getting worse and worse. Probably because they have secret feelings for one another.

Get Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating here.

8. The Write Escape by Charish Reid


Chicagoan Antonia Harper once had it all: a lucrative job as a literary editor and a great man in her life, but she's lost both. She decides to take her honeymoon anyway and heads to Ireland for a bit of self care. Aiden Byrnes is more than a little interested in the woman who had just moved next door. But it's a distraction considering he's supposed to be on a working holiday. Antonia and Aiden's fling quickly becomes more, but it's hard to think in the long-term when Antonia will eventually be heading back to the States. Things can't work out between them, right?

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9. Dumplin' by Julie Murphy


If you've seen the Netflix adaptation of Julie Murphy's Dumplin', you need to read the adorable novel! The daughter of a former beauty queen, Willowdean "Dumplin'" Dickson has always felt comfortable in her body as a fat girl. Besides, she had an awesome best friend and is happy with her life. She takes a job at a local fast-food place and meets Bo, the kind of guy Dumplin' never would have believed would develop feelings for. But he does. Sadly, it makes her begin to doubt herself and, wanting to reclaim her confidence, she decides to enter the Miss Clover City pageant. Dumplin' will show the world every girl belongs in their if they want to be no matter what they look like.

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10. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover


Sydney is happy with her life in Colleen Hoover's Maybe Someday. She's going to school, has steady work, and a great boyfriend. But it turns out he's been cheating on her, shattering her world. She meets her neighbor Ridge, a mysterious sort of guy who like to play his guitar on his balcony each evening, and can't get him off her mind. It turns out he has a thing for Sydney too.

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