Bait Your Followers With 15 Fishing Instagram Captions

Fishing Instagram Captions, two young white girls fishing outside on a sunny day, fitness
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Catch and release!

The Best Fishing Instagram Captions

If fishing is one of your favorite outdoor activities, then you're not alone! Many people love to fish and for good reason. It's relaxing, a good way to spend time with loved ones, and you might get dinner out of it. These 15 fishing Instagram captions are excellent for anyone that loves fishing as much as we do! All you have to do is take a selfie showing off your latest catch or share a photo of your fishing partner in action, and let one of our fishing Instagram captions take care of the rest!

Clever Fishing Instagram Captions

• Live. Love. Fish.

• Rise and shine, it's fishing time!

• There's no crying in fishing, just a lot of swearing.

• Born to fish, forced to work.

• Please hold. I'm on the other line.

Fun Instagram Captions For Fishing

• Stress is caused by not fishing enough.

• Keeping it reel.

• Good things come to those who bait.

• A reel expert can tackle anything.

• Wishing I was fishing.

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Great Fishing Instagram Captions

• One fish, two fish, I fish, you fish!

• To fish or not to fish. What a silly question!

• It's fish o'clock somewhere.

• I'd rather be fishing.

• Cast your troubles away!

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