Romance Novels Featuring Incredible Female Friendships

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We're always here for female friendships!

Female Friendships in Romance Books

It goes without saying that when we read romance novels, we're in it for the romance. But something equally as compelling found in a lot of romances are incredible friendships. Particularly female friendships!

Female friendships in romance books always feel very empowering to read. In a world that likes to pit women together, reading depictions about women coming together and uniting in friendship is invigorating. Especially considering that it happens in real life! Many of us have close female or female aligned friends that mean the world to us. They're just as close to us, if not closer than, our romantic relationships.

I always love reading a good romance book with a compelling romance and a happily ever after that turns my heart to mush, but if the main character as great female friend or sister, I'm a 1000 percent more sold on it from the very first page. Take a look at some of our favorite romance novels with female friendships (coincidentally, they're all series, giving a lot to read) and let us know which female friendship in romance is your favorite!

1. The Wallflowers series by Lisa Kleypas

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Lisa Kleypas is known for her awesome historical romance novels, and The Wallflowers series is among the best. The series follows four friends - Annabelle Peyton, Lillian Bowman, Evangeline Jenner, and Daisy Bowman - who make a pact with one another to find husbands, helping each other out as much as possible. Books 1-4 detail each of their individual quests to find love, while in A Wallflower Christmas, the four women get together once again to play matchmaker.

Again the Magic, Book .5

Secrets of a Summer Night, Book 1

It Happened One Autumn, Book 2

The Devil in Winter, Book 3

A Scandal in Spring, Book 4

A Wallflower Christmas, Book 5

2. Seven Shores series by Melissa Brayden

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Melissa Brayden's Soho Loft series also features strong female friendships, but her Seven Shore series is the perfect series for summer! Isabel Chase, Gia Malone, and Hadley Cooper are three friends who all live in the Seven Shores apartment complex, while their friend, Autumn Primm, owns the coffee shop just down the street they all hang out at.

Eyes Like Those, Book 1

Hearts Like Hers, Book 2

Sparks Like Ours, Book 3

Love Like This, Book 4

3. The Wintersage Weddings by Phyllis Bourne, Farrah Rochon, and A.C. Arthur

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In Wintersage, Massachusetts, three longtime friends, formal-wear designer Sandra Woolcott, floral designer Vicki Ahlfors, and event planner Janelle Howerton, have turned their top-tier skills into an event agency. With their business skills, they're a much-needed asset in the wealthy town of Wintersage in this three-part series by Phyllis Bourne, Farrah Rochon, and A.C. Arthur.

Falling into Forever, Book 1 by Phyllis Bourne

A Mistletoe Affair, Book 2 by Farrah Rochon

Eve of Passion, Book 3 by A.C. Arthur

4. Sisters of Spirits series by Yvonne Heidt

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In Yvonne Heidt's paranormal Sisters of Spirits series, three childhood friends, psychic medium Sunny Skye, Tiffany Curran, who as the power of psychometry, and necromancer Shade Stewart, decided to start a business together. People come to them for help and they use their abilities to help them with their supernatural problems.

The Awakening, Book 1

The Quickening, Book 2

The Deadening, Book 3

5. Essex Sisters series by Eloisa James

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Eloisa James' Essex Sisters series proves that sisterly friendships are just was fun to read about as any any other friendships! The books follow four orphaned sisters under the guardianship of the awkward, perpetually tipsy Duke of Holbrook. The eldest, Tess, is the one always looking out for the others, Annabel is the striking, ambitious one, Imogen is the romantic, and Josie is the practical sister, all trying to better their situation and find their place in the world.

Much Ado About You, Book 1

Kiss Me, Annabel, Book 2

Taming of the Duke, Book 3

Pleasure for Pleasure, Book 4

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