26 Fantastic Flashback Friday Instagram Captions

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Have a blast with these flashback Friday Instagram captions.

26 Fantastic Flashback Friday Instagram Captions

There's a hashtag for each day of the week on Instagram (and then some) and Flashback Friday is no exception! Personally, we love Flashback Friday and thinking about our youth, which is why we compiled this list of Flashback Friday Instagram caption ideas to help you enjoy your #Fridays.

Flashback Friday is fun because it gives us a chance to go through our old pictures, trinkets, and mementos, and to talk to our loved ones about our time together. Not only is it nostalgic, but it can also be pretty dang fun when you start looking at goofy hairstyles and horrible sweaters that used to be in fashion. But hey, it was the 90s, right?

Enjoy your next Flashback Friday with a little help from our Instagram caption ideas, and don't forget to have a little fun!

Best Flashback Friday Instagram Captions

• Get off the internet so I can use the housephone!

• Died of dysentery in Oregon Trail. Again.

• Knowing that you're older than the internet.

• Sighing each time your Discman skipped.

• Push Pops and Ring Pops!

• "In west Philadelphia, born and raised…"

• The cordless phone changed everything.

Funny Flashback Friday Instagram Captions


• Trading Goosebumps books with my friends at recess.

• Losing all my Polly Pockets and Barbie shoes.

• Playing Pokemon when I was supposed to be sleeping.

• Gel pens.

• Recreated Legends of the Hidden Temple in your living room.

• VCRs and cassette tapes getting stuck.

Instagram Captions Ideas for Flashback Friday


• Banana clips and lobster claws in your hair.

• Divining your future with a paper fortune teller.

• Passing notes folded up like footballs.

• Getting mad that Hitclips only played part of the song.

• Your parents taking you to Blockbuster to pick out a movie.

• Back when you needed two different keys for your car.

Good Flashback Friday Instagram Ideas


• Whacking yourself in the shin with a Skip-It.

• Scented markers.

• Playing Girl Talk at sleepovers.

• Back when Reading Rainbow was your favorite show.

• Killing your Tamagotchi or Nano.

• Taking a disposable camera on field trips.

• Playing Guess Who and pretending to be a detective.