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Erotic Audiobooks

While erotica and erotic romance are always a lot of fun to read, there's just something about listening to an erotic story on audiobook. It's an entirely different experience having someone else read to you each and ever dirty bit aloud. Especially when it's an incredibly talented voice actor who is able to get that perfect amount of huskiness in their voice, the right inflections, and the teasing that comes with a really great sex scene.

Reading erotic books is great, but listening to erotic audiobooks forces you to slow down. You can't speed-read through everything to get to the next juicy bit. You're forced to give over control to the narrator and listen to everything at their pace. If they're a really good narrator and know what they're doing, that can be kind of hot. Who am I kidding? Erotic audiobooks are always hot!

1. Double Dare by Jeanne St. James

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Jeanne St. James's first book in The Dare Menage series is hot. Narrated by Ava Lucas, Teddy Hamilton, and J. F. Harding, it is a MMF menage story with elements of BDSM.

In the audiobook, we meet financial analyst Quinn Preston. While at a wedding reception, her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger. After being cheated on by her last boyfriend, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea. She goes after business owner Logan Reed and is more than a little surprised when he turns her down. She's drunk and not knowing where she lives, Logan drives her to his house. In the morning, Logan rocks Quinn's world, but it turns out he already has a lover, ex-football player Tyson White. Tyson is conflicted about Quinn at first, but it doesn't take long for him to change his mind abou her.

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2. Try by Ella Frank

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Ella Frank is known for writing sexy, compelling novels that keep you coming back for more. Filled with hot sex scenes, dirty talk, and an alpha male character, Try, the first book in Temptation series is no different!

The novel is narrated by Shannon Gunn and follows main character Logan Mitchell, a bisexual man who loves to have sex any chance he gets with anyone who eagerly consents. The latest person he's interested in is Tate Morrison, a recently divorced bartender at the bar Logan frequents. The thing is Tate seems immune to Logan's affections, at least outwardly. On the inside, he's beginning to question his sexuality and desire for Logan. The sexual tension between them is off the charts and pays off in the best way.

For more Tate and Logan, read about the rest of their adventures together in books 2-6.

3. Courting Justice by Brenda Jackson

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With more than 100 novels and novellas under her belt, Brenda Jackson is one of the most prolific romance writers around, and her Madaris Family & Friends series is among her best. Narrated by Pete Ohms, Courting Justice is filled with the perfect amount of sexy talk and steamy scenes that listening to it on audiobook will make you squirm in a good way!

DeAngelo Di Meglio's career as an attorney in New York city has recently received a huge boost after winning a high-profile case. Unfortunately, it hasn't won him the attention of Peyton Mahoney, the woman he's been in love with for years. After he discovers Peyton books a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate her 30th birthday, DeAngelo decides to risk it all and fly down there too. Their two weeks together in paradise are mind-blowing, but she knows DeAngelo's a player and expected nothing less than a fling. When they end up on opposite sides of a case, their sexual tension goes from the courtroom to the bedroom.

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4. A Touch of Temptation by Julie Blair

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Julie Blair can tells a great story, but her first erotic story, A Touch of Temptation, is simply fantastic! Filled with sexual exploration, BDSM, sex parties, and sexual awakenings, this lesbian erotic audio book narrated by Heather Miles isn't to be missed!

Kate Dawson always had her future all planned out for herself: graduated from law school, pass the bar, partner in her family's law firm, and get married to a man. She heads out to a cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains to study for the bar, unknowingly changing her whole life forever. She meets Chris Brent, her butch neighbor and is immediately intrigued. Chris has a reputation for being a very considerate lover. After watching all her friends get their hearts broken, she avoids commitment, instead attending sex parties at a friend's house. But something about Kate is different. Chris eagerly agrees to help Kate explore her sexuality, and maybe falls a little in love in the process.

5. Nervous by Zane

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If you're looking for a steamy read, Zane is always a go-to author. She even made our list of 6 Erotica Authors To Check Out ASAP if that tells you anything! Her novel, Nervous, is fabulously narrated by Nicole Small and scored a 4.6/5 on Audible.

Nervous is a story about Jonquinette, a woman with multiple personality disorder. While Jonquinette is extremely nervous interacting with men, Jude, another personality, has not problem with it. In fact, she goes out on the weekends and plenty of sex. Realizing this could be a problem, Jonquinette goes to Dr. Marcella Spencer (who you may remember from Addicted, another of Zane's novels). To get back at her, Jude redoubles her fun and even attempts to put a stop to Jonquinette falling in love with her new neighbor, Mason.

If you're looking for an interesting story, a sexy good time, and an interesting twist, Nervous is an audiobook you don't want to miss!

6. Groupie by C.M. Stunich

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The first in C.M. Stunich's Rock-Hard Beautiful series, Groupie checks a lot of boxes for people looking for a good erotic audiobook to listen to. If you're into polyamory, menage, gay sex scenes, and a bit of BDSM.

Narrated by Elizabeth Hart and Aiden Snow, the book follows Lilith, a woman who has just lost her father to cancer and no longer has a place to live. While at a concert, she meets the band and after a series of fortunate events, they offer to let her stay on their tour bus for a few weeks while she gets back on her feet. During that time, the aforementioned sexy scenes ensue and she really ends up bonding with all five members of the band. They each of dark pasts of their own and help each other heal emotionally. While also having a lot of sex!

If you enjoy this one, check out book 2 and book 3!

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