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People magazine has dubbed Elin Hilderbrand "the queen of the summer novel," which feels very fitting if you take a look at her body of work, mostly set in Nantucket during the summer. Not to mention the fact they make the perfect beach reads!

While Elin Hilderbrand's best books is something that's subjective and will change from person to person, we're sharing with you our six favorite Elin Hilderbrand books and in the hopes you love them as much as we do!

Hilderbrand writes incredible summer books, the perfect novels to read on a sunny, lazy day. If you happen to read them on a day that isn't sunny, her beautiful words will be enough to evoke a sense of summer as you flip through the pages and imagine yourself somewhere warm.

1. The Island


In Elin Hilderbrand's The Island, main character Birdie Cousins is putting her all into her daughter's wedding. She's planned everything downed to the last detail and wants the day to be perfect for Chess. However, she never could have planned for Chess calling to inform her mother the engagement is over. Hardly any time has passed before Chess gets even worse news, putting her into a depression, and forcing Birdie to put the breaks on the first relationship she's had since her 30 year marriage ended.

Along with Birdie's younger daughter Tate and Birdie's sister India, Birdie decides they're going to take a trip to an island off the coast of Nantucket, a place their family has gone to for generations. With no cell phone reception or TV or even a grocery store, it's the perfect place to get away from their troubles. Before long, what was supposed to be a peace trip churns out hidden secrets, old loves get rekindled, and new love is found in what will be a summer to remember.

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2. The Matchmaker


Dabney Kimball Beech, protagonist of The Matchmaker, has always had a knack for matchmaking, helping 42 couples - all still together - find love. So far, she's only been wrong once, and that is in the case of her own relationship to her husband, John. Once, Dabney fell in love with a boy named Clendenin Hughes. When he left their home of Nantucket, Clen "took her heart with him" to become a journalist.

But now, 27 years later, Clen has returned, and Dabney is more confused than she's ever been in her life. She also feels as if she's truly alive for the first time. A tragedy threatens Dabney's second chance at love, and it forces Dabney to share a painful secret with her family. Dabney must use her gift at least once more to ensure her loved ones find their perfect matches.

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3. Silver Girl


The novel, Silver Girl, follows Meredith Martin Delinn, a woman whose entire world's been ripped away from her after her husband "cheated rich investors out of billions of dollars." Just as she's facing homelessness, Meredith gets a call from her old best friend, Constance. Connie's had turmoil of her own lately, so the two women decide to spend the summer in Nantucket to get away.

It doesn't stop trouble, both new and old, from following them. Meredith's high school boyfriend, who just so happens to be Connie's brother, shows up, and Meredith is faced with the life she has and what could have been.

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4. Beautiful Day


Beautiful Day finds the Carmichael and Graham families on Nantucket for a wedding that will join their families. The late mother of the bride left behind a notebook filled with instructions about how the wedding of her youngest daughter should go.

So close to the wedding, things should "be falling into place," but that's far from reality. The engaged couple is doing just fine, but the lives of their loved ones are falling apart due to love in question, scandal, and broken hearts.

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5. The Identicals


In a tale about two estranged identical sisters, The Identicals is about Tabitha and Harper Frost who are as different as night and day. Though they haven't spoken in ten years, the two sisters decide to switch places in an attempt to "save what's left of their splintered family." Along the way, they find they were unable to outrun lies, gossip, and secrets that's traveled between their homes of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

Between sibling rivalry, old resentment, mistaken identity, and new love, no one will forget this summer anytime soon. But will it be enough to bring Tabitha and Harper back together?

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6. The Perfect Couple


The Perfect Couple begins during Nantucket wedding season, and the Otis-Winbury wedding is the talk of the season. The groom's parents are loaded and want to put on the perfect wedding for their son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

It turns out the wedding won't be remembered for its extravagance, but instead for the body just before the ceremony, making everyone in the wedding party a suspect. Ed Kapenash, the Chief of Police, interviews both bride and groom, the groom's mother who happens to be a famous mystery author, and, surprisingly, a member of Kapenash's own family. The question is: whodunit?

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