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The Emberverse Series Order

If you're looking for an epic, multi-book science fiction or fantasy series, the Emberverse series by S.M. Stirling may be the series for you! A hybrid of the two genres, the Emberverse is 15 novels--perfect for long-haul readers!

The entire order of the Emberverse series is covered in this article, including the anthology of Emberverse short stories that came out in 2015.

So what are the Emberverse books about? The alternate history series is a post-apocalyptic tale of what happens when something causes the laws of physics to change, making all electronics, cars, firearms, explosives, and more to stop working. Humans are forced to adapt to a new world. Different groups of people with different ideologies war with each other. The series takes us through three generations of people in the same family.

If you're looking for a series to last you through the summer (or whatever season you choose to read it in), give S.M. Stirling's Emberverse a try!

Dies the Fire - Emberverse I


Dies the Fire - In the first novel, The Change occurs, an electrical storm over Nantucket. In a blinding flash of white, the laws of physics become altered to the point all electronic devices become useless, and the world is thrust into a new dark age.

The Protector's War - Eight years have passed since The Change, and people are trying to rebuild society. War is brewing between the different communities, but no one is prepared for the arrival of English refugees.

A Meeting at Corvallis - Two years after The Protector's War, the war finally begins.

The Change - Emberverse II


The Sunrise Lands - It's been 22 years since The Change. Rudi MacKenzie grew up knowing he'd one day become leader of the Western Oregon survivors. Rudi leads a quest, and a new threat comes.

The Scourge of God - Rudi continues his journey to Nantucket to uncover the cause of The Change.

The Sword of the Lady - Rudi finally makes it to Nantucket and discovers 200 people living there, claiming they've been "transported there from out of time." Within a stone house, he discovers a sword that has been waiting for him.

The High King of Montival - Rudi travels back home with the Sword. Now the High King of Montival, he forms a coalition against the Prophet.


The Tears of the Sun - Important things that happened while Rudi and his companions were away get explained. The final preparations for war again the Prophet and Boise are made.

Lord of Mountains - To accept Artos as their ruler, leaders of the Changed world want Rudi to take a quest to the Lake at the Heart of the Mountains "and take part in a crowning ceremony--a ceremony binding him to his people, his ancestors, and his land."

The Given Sacrifice - The war has been won, but new enemies rise, one that will do anything to ensure Rudi's heir, Princess Órlaith, doesn't fulfill her parents dream.

The Change - Emberverse III


The Golden Princess - There is a new monarch in Montival, and Órlaith now wields the the Sword. She and new ally Reiko, Empress of Japan, search for the fabled Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the Grass-Cutting Sword

The Desert and the Blade - Órlaith and Reiko's quest continues. Queen Mathilda thinks Órlaith's alliance with Reiko puts the clan in danger, especially with shifting alliances since she's taken power.

Prince of Outcasts - John is Crown Princess Órlaith's younger brother. While he doesn't want to be in Órlaith's position, he does want the chance to prove himself.


The Sea Peoples - John is captured by the Yellow Raja, while Japanese Empress Reiko and Princess Órlaith make "common cause with the reborn Kingdom of Hawaii." The world's fate remains at stake.

The Sky-blue Wolves - The conclusion to The Emberverse, Órlaith works hard to keep the peace her father won for Montival. She and Reiko work together to stop the Yellow Raja, who still have John. Meanwhile, "the Sky-Blue Wolves of High Steppe ride once more beneath the banner of Genghis Khan."

The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth - An anthology of short stories from The Emberverse.

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