Adorable Products That Will Help You Not Dread Your Period As Much

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Fantastic things to buy that will make your period so much better!

Adorable Period-Related Products

Let's face it: for many of us, our periods suck! Between bloating, cramping,cravings, headaches and more, it often becomes a time we dread. Thankfully, there are things out there that can make our periods just a little bit better, like these adorable period-related products that make like a little easier for you!

We complied a list of sparkly menstrual cup pins, uterus prints to hang on your wall, a really great period coloring book, and so many more great things! Each item is adorable and comes from a small business owner so you know your money is going to a great place. Be sure to take a look this amazing list and let us know what your favorite period-related products are that make your period just a little bit better for you!

1. Pad, Tampon, and Menstrual Cup Pins

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Pad and tampon pins and menstrual cup by BanginArt

2. Cross Stitch Patterns

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I heart my menstrual cup pattern by ForeverXstitch"pick your poison" birth control pattern by IndigoStitchworks

3. Reusable Superhero Pads

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Wonder Woman reusable pads and Batgirl & Supergirl reusable pads by TheSewMustGoOn

4. Shark Week Accessory Bag

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Shark week accessory bag by PwomPwom

5. Period Coloring Book

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Period Coloring Book by PeriodColoringBook

6. Floral Uterus Print

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Floral uterus print by MathildeCinqMars

7. Microwavable Heating Pad

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Microwavable heating pad by ACtheQ

8. Menstrual Cup Bags

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Blood moon cycle menstrual cup bag and cup half full menstrual cup bag by TheRadicalStitchery

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