6 Crystals That Will Boost Your Self Care

crystals, 6 Crystals That Will Boost Your Self Care
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Up your self care with these crystals!

Crystals and Self Care

With everything going on in the world and everything going on in our lives, taking care of ourselves is incredibly important! Of course things like making sure you get enough food and sleep each day are crucial to your well-being, but self care can go farther than that. It involves checking in on our mental and physical health, taking breaks when we need them, and more.

Sometimes we need a little extra help with our self care, and that's where this list of six great crystals for self care comes in. While there are many crystals that can boost self care practices, we rounded up some of our favorites! Take a look and find some that speak to you. Crystals are very subjective and don't necessarily work or work the same way for each person, so listen to your intuition.

1. Rose Quartz

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When thinking about different crystals to use to enhance self care, rose quartz immediately jumps to mind. It's considered the love stone and is known to promote love in the life of the wearer. This includes love from friends, family, and romantic partners, all while promoting self love. Rose quartz helps increase feelings of self worth, something that is especially good when we're feeling low.

Other benefits of rose quartz include:

• building trust

• creating harmony

• providing comfort

• inner-peace

2. Moonstone

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Moonstones are a popular choice not only because they catch the eye, but also because of what they're used for. Credited as a stone for new beginnings, the moonstone is really in promoting inner growth, and providing peace, patience, and calm. It also helps tap into your intuition and is good for healing as well.

Other benefits of moonstone include:

• inspiration

• stress relief

• promote inner strength

3. Lapis Lazuli

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Thought to be one of the prettiest shades of blue in the world since ancient times, lapis lazuli is a stone that seeks truth and honesty in both the mental and spiritual self. It's also a stone of wisdom, encouraging the wearer to seek knowledge and learning for whatever they're passionate about. It's a good stone for creating self-awareness and understanding and can help bring harmony into your relationships.

Other benefits of moonstone include:

• good judgement

• creating new ideas

• communication

• enhancing your memory

4. Amethyst

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Amethyst is a favorite crystal for many people. It's beautiful and its properties are important to everyone. One of the best properties is that amethyst promotes healing and most people need healing in some capacity or another. Amethyst is also known for being a great stone for promoting a sense of calm and dispelling negativity. Protection and purification are also properties of amethyst.

Other benefits of moonstone include:

• meditation

• helping with insomnia

• understanding dreams

• ridding negativity

5. Jasper

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There are many types of jasper, but they all have one thing in common: the fact that they are known for their nurturing prowess. Jasper also is a great crystal for grounding and centering, while decreasing your stress levels and absorbing negativity. A major perk of jasper is that it can help with any creative blocks you have.

Other benefits of moonstone include:

• providing stability

• creating confidence

• encouraging confidence

6. Tiger’s eye

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Tiger's eye is a lovely golden crystal that is great for providing motivation when you need it most. It's also known for helping with any self-doubt or fear you may experience, and can help calm anxiety. Some other properties of tiger's eye include keeping away negativity and providing guidance.

Other benefits of moonstone include:

• providing balance and harmony

• protection

• encourages sound decision making

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