Charmed Instagram Captions for Your Power of Three

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Get witchy with these charming Charmed Instagram captions!

The Best Charmed Instagram Captions

The reboot of Charmed on the CW has recently premiered and it's been an incredible, wild ride so far with all the charm of the original! To celebrate both the new series and the old one, we've created an awesome list of Charmed Instagram captions!

Charmed is a show about family, about sisterhood, and the bonds and situations that bring us together. The original series has become something of a cult classic among fans, and the reboot seems on track to garner a similar following. It's exciting to see where the show goes! Read through these 25 awesome Charmed Instagram captions and share your favorites!

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Great Charmed Instagram Captions

• The power of three will set us free.

• Piper: "Don't say that. In horror movies, the people that say that are always the next to die."

• Phoebe: "If I had a dollar for every times an owl turned into a hot guy on our porch, I'd be rich."

• Phoebe: "Great. Where's Buffy when you need her?"

• Mel: "This is not a witch hunt. It's a reckoning."

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Fun Instagram Captions For Charmed

• Piper: "Do you have anything that goes with combat boots? You know, for the mom to be who kicks some ass upon occasion."

• Prue: "How come we can't fight the demon of cleanliness or housekeeping?"

• Phoebe: "All right, don't call me sweetie. You can't hold a person prisoner and then call them sweetie!"

• Paige: "Could someone please tell me how I ended up in a coffin?"

• Phoebe: "The real world better start showing me some respect or I'm going to stop saving it every week!"

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Cute Charmed Instagram Captions

• Phoebe: "Just because I protect the innocent doesn't mean I have to be innocent all of the time."

• Marisol: "There is nothing stronger than sisterhood."

• Paige: "Besides, everybody in San Francisco is too odd, that's why we fit in so well!"

• Piper: "You don't really expect me to have an answer for that do you?"

• Paige: "You were a demon and a lawyer? Insert joke here."

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Good Instagram Captions For Charmed

• Prue: "I'm gonna win this fight and save your ass, that way I can kick it myself later."

• Piper: "Leo, when you find out your boyfriend is a demon and then you have to vanquish him, a little alone time is in order."

• Piper: "I am a romantic comedy girl. Why go to horror movies when they come to us?"

• Paige: "She's like Piper light. All the personality without any of those messy emotions."

• Prue: "I hate to put a damper on this little love connection here sis, but we need to kick a little ass."

Adorable Charmed Instagram Captions

• Phoebe: "Come on, you don't think we'll be 60 and still living together, sharing clothes and a cat."

• Prue: "I feel like I should be cackling."

• Phoebe: "Oh my goodness, it's a unicorn!"

• Piper: "Well, you're just a ray of sunshine now, aren't ya?"

• Piper: "Oh no, am I dead again?"

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