Instagram Captions for That Awesome Capricorn In Your Life

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Capricorns will love inspiring Instagram captions!

The Best Capricorn Instagram Captions

Capricorns tend to be people that know who they are and what they want in life. Ruled by the planet Saturn, they can be stubborn and just think failure means they need to try again. These 15 Capricorn Instagram captions are perfect for Capricorns to use because they they dig into a Capriocorn's psyche, into who they are. While they hide parts of themselves more than other signs of the zodiac, Capricorns are true to themselves. These Capricorn Instagram captions will help Capricorns, and those that love them, express themselves on Instagram!

Great Instagram Captions For Capricorns

• When a Capricorn wants something, they won't let anything stand in their way.

• A Capricorn will never admit they are wrong. Thankfully, they're not often wrong.

• A Capricorn's greatest success often comes after their greatest disappointment.

• Capricorns worry a lot but keep it to themselves so they don't worry anyone else.

• When Capricorns let go, they let go completely.

Interesting Capricorn Instagram Captions

• You can always rely on a Capricorn.

• You might think Capricorns are hard to please, but they just have high standards.

• Capricorns hate to show weakness.

• A Capricorn is always prepared. They not only have a plan B, but also a plan C, D, and E.

• Capricorns sacrifice for the ones they love without question.

Good Instagram Captions For Capricorns

• For a Capricorn, failure is just a detour because they'll just try harder next time.

• Capricorns love hard and hate harder.

• You can never really know what a Capricorn is thinking.

• Capricorns don't ask for much. They just want you to be honest with them.

• While deeply romantic, Capricorns often have trouble expressing their emotions.

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