32 Best BTS Lyrics for Instagram Captions


32 BTS Lyrics For The Perfect Instagram Captions

Looking for the perfect BTS lyrics for Instagram captions? We've got 'em. It isn't often that a K-pop group takes the English-speaking world by storm, but BTS has managed to do just that! Which is what makes their song lyrics so perfect to use as Instagram captions - their songs are catchy, their dance moves are fun, and obviously, each of the seven members of BTS is adorable. What more could fans want in a band they put on repeat and listen to over and over again? And what better way to show off how much you love BTS than with the perfect BTS caption for Instagram?

According to Forbes, BTS first announced their latest album titled Love Yourself: Tear on May 18th of this year and within the first six days or pre-order, they broke records in South Korea. In the United States, their songs have reached the Billboard Hot 100 and their latest album reached No. 1 on the iTunes album chart. On May 20th, they'll perform at the Billboard Music Awards and have their second appearance on Ellen booked for May 25th.

BTS is on fire and we couldn't be happier to use their #relatable song lyrics in our next Instagram posts! Read on to find a few of your own! So, let's get into some awesome Instagram captions from BTS lyrics.

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  1. "In a dream that wouldn't come true / I grew a flower that couldn't bloom"

  2. "I want to hold you once more before you disappear"

  3. "I do not run without knowing my purpose"

  4. "Passing the end of winter / Until the gentle spring day / Until the flowers bloom / I want you to stay as you are"

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  1. "I'm not a superhero / Don't want too much from me"

  2. "I know you're hesitating / After all, I'm back in the scars"

  3. "I bloom a pretty flower that looks like you / And breathe as the me that you know"

  4. "I'm lost in the maze of my heart"

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  1. "Stop thinking about it, You already know it all"

  2. "Even in a hundred years in the future, I want my next step to be next to you"

  3. "But, even if it takes up all my strength / I will be sure that I stay by your side"

  4. "I want to see you, but time is absent"

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  1. "Love the airplane mode, Turn off all the concerns"

  2. "I've dreamed of becoming a hero like Superman"

  3. "The world is going faster than expected / Are we gonna change it?"

  4. "The more time flows the more it deepens"

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  1. "If I got the courage to stand before you / Would everything be different now?"

  2. "Before it comes to an end / I wanna know everything"

  3. "To tell you the truth, the one year that you weren't there / I was calm, I didn't even have regrets"

  4. "Cherry blossoms bloom / Winter is already over"

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  1. "In the middle of the road, in the moment you want to give up / Shout out louder"

  2. "Do not forget I finally found you"

  3. "Ya, what? I'm a disgrace? / I don't care, as soon as I get the mic I'm ruling this game"

  4. "Feelings for you, so many to let go"

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  1. "One day it works out too well, then the next day I'm completely screwed"

  2. "All the underdogs in the world / A day may come when we lose / But it is not today. Today, we fight!"

  3. "You gave me the best of me / So you'll give the best of you"

  4. "Hectic days, keeping myself busy / Distraction filled schedule / But I won't forget"

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  1. "There's nothing that works out as I wanted / There's even fewer places for me to hide"

  2. "I do believe your galaxy / I want to hear your melody / Your stars in the Milky Way / How you can plant your sky"

  3. "The DNA in my blood vessels tell me / That it's you I was looking all over for"

  4. "We are, we are, we are / Young & wild & free"

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