28 Bowling Instagram Captions That Are Right Up Your Alley!


Bowl to your heart's content with these bowling Instagram captions!

28 Bowling Instagram Captions That Are Right Up Your Alley!


Whether you like to bowl in a league or just for fun on Friday nights, bowling is a blast! And to celebrate what an awesome sport it is, we created a list of 28 incredible bowling Instagram captions for you to use during your next bowling excursion!

It might sound a little bizarre, but bowling dates back to about 3200 BC years ago in Egypt! King Henry VIII was also a big fan of bowling and actually banned peasants from bowling except for Christmas so they wouldn't have so leisure time. It's pretty awesome to play a game knowing that it has been around for thousands of years!

Take a look at the list of bowling Instagram captions to see if you find something you like for your next bowling night!


• Bowling is a sport for people who have talent to spare.

• 300 isn't just a number. It is our destination.

• It's not how you bowl. It's how you roll!

• "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." -Zig Zigglar

• Split happens.

• "Straight down the middle, no hook, no fuss.Anything more and this becomes figure skating." -Ron Swanson

• Good players practice until they get it right. Great players practice until they can't get it wrong.


• Let the good times roll!

• "One of the advantages bowling has over gulf is that you seldom lose a bowling ball." -Don Carter

• My mind may be in the gutter, but at least my ball isn't.

• If you train hard, winning is easy. If you train easy, winning is hard.

• Bowling is great for anger management.

• You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.

• It's not over when you lose. It's over when you quit.


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• Another 7-10 split. I'm not crying, you're crying.

• For a bowler, I sure am striking!

• Sometimes its not the game that makes you emotional. It's that damn 10 pin.

• What happens in the gutter, stays in the gutter.

• Bowling is a sport where you can take your aggression out and not go to jail.

• One thing that keeps bringing me back to bowling alleys is that I've never gotten a sunburn at one.

• "In bowling and in life, if a person made the spares, the strikes would take care of themselves." -Stephen King


• "This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules." -Walter Sobchak

• Bowling is like the only sport I'm good at because no running is involved and you can eat while playing.

• Oh, so sorry that your bowling score didn't exceed the current temperature.

• My drinking team might have a bowling problem.

• "Some people have their own bowling ball and their own bowling shoes…and no friends." -Jim Gaffigan

• Bowling is the ideal sport. It's basically an hour of drinking beer occasionally interrupted by six seconds of exercise.

• They see me bowlin', they hatin'.